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Christmas card greetings in 2014

may you wear a lucky hat, hum a happy and carefree tune, carry a good fortune bag, hold a family love exquisite grass, step on all the safe and prosperous channels, and drive into the beautiful Christmas Eve easily and spend every day of your life peacefully. No sadness, no suffering, peace is the source of happiness; no disease, no pain, peace is the foundation of happiness; no frustration, no failure, peace is the core of happiness; Christmas Eve is coming, sincere blessing to the good people around me, I wish good people a safe life! Sing a happy song, bring you happiness; taste a sweet candy, bring you warmth; enjoy the bright fireworks, bring you romance; bite a delicious apple, bring you peace; send a sincere blessing, bring you happiness. Christmas Eve, I wish you a safe and happy life! Christmas Eve night, the most lazy. The snowflake is lazy and scattered floating, freely waving peace's nagging. The loneliness of the streets at the end of the year is only the laughter of children. Close the curtain of love, is to you, light, miss. I wish: Christmas Eve, happy Christmas Eve! There are two ways to receive Christmas gifts this year. The first is traditional method, which requires chimney and socks. The second: Modern Law: need to be able to receive SMS mobile phone. I didn't hesitate to choose the second one for you, so I wish you a happy Christmas. Copy happiness from the white snowflakes and paste them into your heart; copy good luck from the flying sledge and paste them on you; copy blessings from Santa Claus's beard and paste them into your hands. Merry Christmas with snowflakes! Christmas snowflakes for you, Christmas tree for you to dress up, Santa Claus for you to send gifts, Christmas message to you, you belong to the first, the arrival of Christmas happiness, the more you forward, more miracles, fortune belongs to you. It's Christmas. Are you ready? Prepare your coffee, your wine, your candle and your mood. In this warm day, may you tidy up everything, welcome happiness and happiness! No snow, still romantic. Even in winter, I feel warm. The candlelight was flickering and the lights were shining. The fire was blazing and the lights were decorated. Under the Christmas tree, gifts are like mountains. Romantic, auspicious. Blessing voice, happiness forever! White snow, deer bells reverberate, Santa Claus wearing red clothes, to bring you gifts and hope, a happy, an auspicious, a safe, a healthy, all loaded in your socks, I wish you a long and happy Christmas Eve! May you cherish peace and keep it with happiness; may you pass on peace and keep it with health; may you share peace with happiness. Peace on Christmas Eve, wish you all peace and security! Christmas Eve with the cold wave quietly arrived, fluttering every snowflake, every string of fireworks, tick every second of time, worried about every miss, all represent every wish I want to give you, I wish you a happy Christmas Eve, a more happy Christmas! The night is quiet, the snowflakes sprinkle. The fireworks are so brilliant that they illuminate the beauty. Music melodious transmission, take me into the fairyland. I'd like to drink with you. On Christmas Eve, I wish you peace and good luck every day! Christmas Eve arrest operation now, the target: Santa Claus, objective: to grab his backpack, statement: all participants will receive a Christmas Eve Medal of happiness, and a 'Christmas' one, please be prepared, happy Christmas Eve! Holding the Christmas flower in your hand, luck nods to you; wearing the Christmas hat on your head, love beckons to you; collecting Christmas messages, happy winter without sorrow; turning around the Christmas message, a bright smile will show forever. Merry Christmas to you! If you don't have a charming face, keep a moving smile to increase your happiness; if you don't have elegant temperament, keep a positive attitude to show your vitality; if you don't have a precious gift, send me a greeting to show your friendship. Wish me a merry Christmas! Teacher's Day greetings Christmas, for you to plant a Christmas tree, irrigated with friendship, can produce the root of sincerity, send out the bud of care, grow the leaves of gratitude, erect the crown of health, bear the fruit of happiness, and blossom the flower of happiness! Christmas, romantic and wonderful. Santa Claus, very cute. On Christmas Eve, pray for peace. Carnival night, no one to sleep. Happy sharing, candlelight dinner. Wish under the Christmas tree. Thousands of blessings, will not change. Christmas tree, full of my wishes; little candlelight, swaying my thoughts. In the twinkling of an eye, it's hard to say goodbye to a new year. I pray for your peace and I want you to be happy. I'll play a Christmas Carol for you. I wish you happiness and good luck forever!