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Christmas message collection in 2014

2014 Christmas greeting message collection: put on the Christmas hat and laugh around you happily; put on the red cotton padded jacket, good luck will come with you; put on the Christmas socks, Ruyi will run with you. Christmas, I send you sincere blessing, word by word jump with warm sparks, I wish you a happy Christmas, peace with you. Decorate your Christmas tree with happy bells, warm your Christmas hat with sweet fragrance, cloud your Christmas socks with the fragrance of snowflakes, and diffuse your Christmas with the purity of blessing. My dear friend, when Christmas comes, remember to keep smiling. Worry away, but ran away, sad failure, fatigue hidden, left sweet, happy, relaxed and happy in the castle of years carefree life, Christmas arrived, they don't want to leave you, specially invited you to live with them, and wish you a happy Christmas. Snowflake is my card for you, the bell is my concern for you, put happiness into a small box, bundle good luck into a bundle, let happiness tie tight socks, with Santa Claus into your home, what are you waiting for? Quickly stand under the Christmas tree and receive my blessing SMS! Santa Claus stands on the street, wearing a red hat to show good luck. Wearing colorful clothes to wish you well-being, send Funa wealth and smile. Take out the mobile phone SMS, wish you a happy Christmas. Happy life, happy family, wish you a happy holiday. Write your fingers around the tender heart into the greeting card, carve poetic and picturesque into the starry sky, melt colorful colors into delicious food, engrave the true and pure natural feelings into red candle, and gather the wholehearted blessing into Christmas. May your Christmas flicker beautiful red candle, enjoy the delicious food, enjoy the splendid starry sky and receive colorful greeting cards. Merry Christmas. Christmas bells ring for thousands of miles. Plant the Christmas tree and make a wish in my heart. I wish you good health, happy smile, may you be happy, love will always roam, and wish you success in your career. Merry Christmas! Honey! This peaceful night I will spend with you in my dream & hellip; & hellip; when Christmas comes, I will come to Christmas Eve, wearing christmas hat, wearing christmas clothes, singing Christmas songs, carrying Christmas sounds, riding the Christmas deer, pulling the Christmas cart, carrying Christmas gifts, coming to your side and putting them on your pillow. Kiss you sleeping, give you a big surprise: I wish you a happy Christmas! Snowman, snowball fights, sledding, skating, singing snow songs, Christmas, recapture the good memories of the past and find the happiness forgotten because of busy. No matter whether it snows or not, I will wish you a happy Christmas! I didn't expect that the socks you used to receive gifts last year are still in use and have not been washed this year. I can only say 'I Fu Le you', even Santa is in hospital, so I entrust me to send a message to wish you a happy Christmas! The Christmas tree is decorated with beautiful stars, Christmas Fireworks bloom with beautiful colors, the Christmas bell plays a happy note, Santa Claus gives you good luck gift, Christmas message brings you the most happiness. Christmas to, blessing to, happy to give you a big hug, happy life to you smile, good luck around your head, good luck to take care of you, auspicious clouds floating on your head, safe and secure, from now on on Kangzhuang Road, happy Christmas! Christmas wish words: Santa Claus waves the happy whip, drives the reindeer to step on the safe step, delivers the most beautiful day for you, wishes you to earn the massive ticket, displays the happy appearance, takes good care of own body, enjoys the biggest joyful! Christmas is coming, let the furnace of happiness burn more vigorously, let the happy smile bloom sweeter, let the lucky snowflakes float more, let the warm lights shine farther, let the intimate words say more, let the sincere blessing send more. My friend, I wish you a merry Christmas and happiness forever! The sound of silver bells broke my expectations, snowflakes fluttered my thoughts, Christmas songs chang my call, tonight I just want to pray for your happiness and peace, love, I wish you a happy Christmas, good luck and happy year after year. Picking snowflakes for you, warming your heart with love; lighting candlelight for you, swaying my missing infinite; hanging the Christmas tree for you, hiding my sincere blessing among the leaves; sending SMS wishes for you at Christmas, wishing to have a happy Christmas! Put on a happy hat, put on an auspicious coat; watch the beautiful future, listen to the sweet bell; smile to the messenger of Christmas, enjoy the wonderful time. When Christmas comes, may you have a wonderful time and be in a good mood! Will smile hang up, let happiness embellish the festival atmosphere; will good mood light up, let happiness increase the joy of the festival, will SMS launch, let the text send out the festival greetings, Christmas, wish you good luck, happiness and happiness! Christmas Eve, bless you! My friend, Wen Qing Ping An! When you are happy, I will share with you; when you are unhappy, I will share with you! Wedding greetings: Christmas is coming, there is one thing you must do, otherwise, Santa's gift will not be yours, even my blessing will not be able to enter your door. Come on, clean up the chimney and let happiness and good luck enter the house! Christmas is coming, I want to come to Santa Claus, happiness is boundless to Christmas tree, to chocolate to happiness and sweetness, make the most beautiful blessing, give me the most care about you, wish you a happy Christmas! The purpose of 'Saint' is to make 'birthday' (light) fixed and 'Festival' happy. Christmas, may you always have a mood of 10 years old, 20-year-old appearance, 30-year-old body, 40-year-old amorous feelings, 50-year-old wisdom, 60-year-old open-minded, 70-year-old calm, 80-year-old indifferent, 90-year-old extraordinary, 100-year-old happiness like a fairy.