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Christmas table

if I could, I would rather be a child, standing in front of you with empty hands, expecting your pity; if I could, I would rather be a beggar, walking through your door, longing for your love in the bowl. Merry Christmas to you! Some people say that the most beautiful things in the world are spring and love, and the place with you in my eyes is the most beautiful. I have been secretly in love with you for many years. Now I want to say something in my heart: "I like you so much. Would you like to be my girlfriend? Wish you a happy Christmas! "Baby, you are the best gift from God. I will treasure you in the deepest love until we grow old. I will always be by your side! I wish you a happy Christmas! Send you a Christmas tree full of gifts, the biggest and brightest on the top is my heart, the bottom is my infatuation, the ribbon is wrapped in my eternal heart. Dear, Merry Christmas! Light a candle on Christmas Eve to illuminate our future; burn a stove to warm our life; hang up a sock to fill our dreams; build a chimney to let happiness rise freely. Happy Christmas! Christmas Eve I have made three rules with Santa Claus, he said the whole day of Christmas will: with all the best to give you, with a smile to give you, to bring you health and safety. I also send you a: Christmas I will miss you! Christmas is coming. I have never given you any presents before. This year I will prepare early, buy a basket of boiled eggs, eat one every day, and the rest will be given to you for Christmas. I wish you a happy life! Warm night, warm wine, warm short message, sweet wind, sweet feelings, sweet words have true feelings; Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts you will understand. Honey, let's be romantic. Do not love you, too difficult, difficult to the sky! Don't want you, too boring, tired of eating not sweet! Christmas Eve, the love to Santa Claus to your window, put in socks: a love you sincerely, hope this life and you love unchanged! Christmas is coming, I would like to be a tree, a special Christmas tree for you, embrace you with roots, support you with stems, care for you with branches, surround you with wreaths, set off you with leaves, pet you with love, and always accompany you! I wish you a happy Christmas! I click on the whole winter to see your smile, I copy your smile and paste it in my heart, I download my missing and save it as forever, I open my mobile phone to give you the best wishes: happy Christmas! Warm night, warm wine, warm short message transmission; sweet wind, sweet feelings, sweet words have true feelings; Christmas lights, Christmas trees, saint You'll understand the birthday gift. Honey, let's spend a romantic Christmas together! Christmas Eve bell rings, reindeer jump, bring you joy; bell jingle, bring you good luck; kind Santa Claus brings you blessing: happiness is not only Christmas day, happiness is more than this moment! Ice and snow floating, white, warm care, warm heart; wind blowing, cold rising, friends do not forget the true feelings; mobile phone rings, greetings warm, sincere early delivery. I wish you a happy Christmas, friends care heart! Do not need how expensive gift, also do not need how solemn oath, I just need you a sweet smile, as my most precious Christmas gift this year! Tonight, a fat old man with a white beard will jump into your window, grab you and tuck you into a big bag & hellip; & hellip; he's preparing me a Christmas present! I often wonder, when the dusk has fallen, across the corner of the street, you will suddenly stop, suddenly, think of me? I firmly believe that one day, lovely you will stretch out your little hand and wave away the loneliness I am waiting for. I wish quietly beside the Christmas tree. I hope that in this quiet night, my thoughts can fly to your side with the mood of floating catkins, so that you and I can spend a beautiful Christmas night together! This winter there is no sunshine, I am still standing on the bank, you told me to dive into the bottom of the water, long hair will never be dirty, you stand in the middle of the water, let me full of fantasy, but now the river has dried up, not flowing, the autumn water has no waves, sudden ripples, ripples have metabolism, affectionate endless!