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2013 National Day blessing message

2013 National Day blessings 2013 National Day blessings SMS & middot; write a message because there is a blessing in your heart, and send a blessing because there is a concern in your heart. In this beautiful golden autumn season, send the most sincere greetings to old friends, hope you are all well. & middot; ups and downs make the motherland brilliant, ups and downs write the history of vicissitudes. Most of our lives are full of hard work. We are happy to meet old friends and new friends. Worry is a virus, sorrow is a bacterium, my blessing to you is a good medicine, which can make you feel refreshed, and I hope you can be happy in this national festival. I know that you always like to take your mobile phone with you, so send a message to you, so that you can take the greetings with you, no matter where you are, you can feel someone blessing you. Open the window of the heart to let the joy of the festival come in, forget yesterday's troubles to let the joy spread in the holiday, the golden autumn has our laughter, let the blessing around you gently. Remember to send a message to your friends when you are happy, call your family when you are happy, and share the beautiful mood together in the beautiful festival. No matter how you spend the long holiday, I will give you the most beautiful mood, hoping that it will always accompany you and make you happy. On this day of national celebration, I would like to thank the great wireless communication technology and the talented mobile phone developers for this opportunity to send you the most exaggerated blessing in the form of SMS: happy holidays. The most needed thing among friends is heart cutting, the most needed thing in love is sincerity, the most needed thing in work is confidence, the most needed thing in festival is happiness, send you a blessing, happy festival. I want to write greetings in the cloud, but I'm afraid the wind will blow it away, I want to write greetings in the sand, but I'm afraid the waves will take it away, so I turn greetings into a message, which will stay in your heart forever. The 21st century is about talents, the National Day is about happiness, and the message to you is about understanding, my deepest love for you. Have a good holiday. Sadness is short-lived, because I will bring you long happiness, worry is instantaneous, because I will add festival happiness for you, when you are lonely, I have my blessing beside you. Recruitment notice: our company is eager to hire a happy angel because of business needs. She should be able to be happy every minute of the seven-day holiday on the national day, and your smile will appear immediately if you like. & middot; you must be responsible for your actions. According to the final ruling of Renmin court, you will be jailed for happiness in the future holidays, and you will be deprived of the right to be depressed and sad. You only need to be happy. I send you the blessing of the festival, with the sunshine of autumn bringing you a little sweetness. May my deep affection become your most beautiful memory and shield all your troubles. It's my pleasure to give you a blessing during the festival. I sincerely hope that your family will be happy and well-being, all the best in their work, all the best in their career, and all the better in their mood. Are you reading my messages? I have seen your happy smile. There is nothing more important than your happiness in this beautiful day. I wish you a happy holiday and a happy day. No matter whether men or women can find the source of happiness in the holiday, whether rich or poor can forget their sorrow in the rest, they can become happy angels if they meet the conditions. I'll fly a hundred pigeons and bring green olives to celebrate the birthday of our country. I'd like to send you my best wishes and sincere greetings. I wish you a happy holiday. Wish you a sunny smile in October. Autumn will take away the beauty of summer, but it will not take away my heart for you. Although we are in a hurry, we will give you a sweet holiday, and wish you all the best in a good day. Mid Autumn Festival is coming. I'd like to send you a full blessing. I hope you will feel relaxed and happy during the holiday. I hope you will have a happy family. Comrade & middot; please pay attention to your mobile phone, because according to the latest intelligence analysis, you will receive all kinds of blessing messages from all over the world on this national day, but please don't ignore my blessing. New year's Day greetings & middot; mobile phone rings, more SMS, blessing to it, mood cool, a little tired of it, then delete it. I wish you a good holiday mood, forget all your troubles, surround yourself with happiness and good friends, and have a chat when you have time. When the holiday comes, I'd like to give you a piece of relaxation. You can't finish your work, but people always need to rest. I hope you can experience the relaxation during the holiday. October autumn is the harvest season, October greetings are sincere care, October I use the most affectionate fingers to tap out the most beautiful blessing to you in the distance, I hope you are happy and healthy. I'd like to pack the joy of national celebration and post it to you with a happy stamp. I hope you in the distance can receive my heartfelt wishes and wish you a good mood during the holiday. The festival makes life wonderful, life makes mood wonderful and mood makes life wonderful. My best wishes to all friends to have a wonderful life every day.