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2013 Mid Autumn Festival greetings message to friends

greetings to friends on Mid Autumn Festival in 2013: message of Mid Autumn Festival blessings to convey feelings ● make a moon cake to send you and rub in my best wishes for you; hold a round of bright moon to send you, on behalf of my sincere feelings; write a message to send you, and wish the days will be more wonderful when the Mid Autumn Festival is coming! When the Mid Autumn Festival is over, you should not be bothered to raise your glass to invite the moon. Your husband and wife love each other and make the family harmonious and the world warm. You can enjoy the happiness in your heart with a string of happy flowers. You can move forward on the road of well-off, regardless of the wind and rain. When you refill your wine, you will never change your happiness! The moon is round and the people are reunited. The moon is full and the moon cake is sweet. It's the Mid Autumn Festival again. The reunion festival is looking forward to the reunion. Wish to catch up sooner or later. Wish to catch up before the fireworks. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and wish us a more pleasant cooperation! The full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival rises slowly in the sky. She spreads her light and love to the world, making the world colorful. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, I wish leaders: happy family reunion, happiness and well-being, successful work, wallet full of joy. ● when the Mid Autumn Festival comes, I will not be happy to accept my blessing: I wish you a smooth career, a long and lasting love at first sight, peace, beauty and happiness in your family, and a wonderful life. It is a natural phenomenon that the moon is short and the moon is full. Gathering and parting is the evolution of the world. Family members in their hometown are the obstacles in their hearts. Good luck and good luck are sincere wishes. On the day of Mid Autumn Festival, I hope you will remember your family's affection, keep your friendship and love together. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The mid autumn moon is round, I wish you a sweet dream; the mid autumn moon cake is sweet, healthy and reunion; the mid autumn wine is fragrant, I hope you will return home early. Wish you all the best in your career and return to your hometown in good health. The whole family has a happy holiday. It's full of happiness! The Mid-Autumn Festival is full and round. It brings family together. Family messages are sent by thousands of miles to convey warm reunion and happy smile. Although the Mid-Autumn Festival can't send you moon cakes to taste, it gives you a blessing: happy company in the Mid-Autumn Festival, happy family reunion! ● the most beautiful flower is the smiling face; the most enjoyable month is the Mid Autumn Festival reunion; the most moving feeling is the full of love; the most intoxicating wine is sincere wishes. Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you family reunion, endless happiness! Mid autumn festival gives you magic moon cakes. Sweet stuffing, lucky face, beautiful packaging, happy label. One mouthful of success, two mouthfuls of sweet love, three mouthfuls of family reunion, and all the good luck after the downwind and smooth water! ● the Mid Autumn Festival is a painting, a song, a story from Grandma's mouth, a childhood dream, nostalgia in the eyes of the wandering children, lovesickness in the lover's cup, poetry and painting in the Mid Autumn Festival. I wish my friends more happiness, money and happiness in the Mid Autumn Festival. The moon is full, the people are happy, the wine is full, the flowers are beautiful, the mood is beautiful, you are happy and I am happy, the festival is happy to have a big reunion, everything is smooth and complete. Friends, I wish you family reunion, a complete life, sweet life, happiness first. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The Mid Autumn Festival is actually a blessing Festival. Pick up our phone to send our greetings, pick up our mobile phones to convey our blessings, in the mid autumn festival full moon night, let our hearts together. Full moon reunion night, reunion night full moon, full moon, full moon reunion night, the Mid Autumn Festival comes to send wishes, wish you happiness full home, things round people reunion, dream round dream! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! ● the Mid Autumn Festival is full of children, families are reunited, food tables are full of children, good dreams come together after a long separation, husband and wife respect each other, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law respect each other, family members are related, and everyone praises the popularity. Mid Autumn Festival wishes all friends happiness and happiness. The shadow of the moon shakes with joy, happiness overflows with the bottom of my heart, flowers are fragrant with the day, mooncakes are sweet with thoughts, wish to roam with joy, blessings are full of ripples, mood is adjusting information, just for you, wish you a happy mid autumn festival. ● the Mid Autumn Festival is a great reunion. The sky and the moon are all round. If you work well, you will be happy. If you love sweetly, you will be happy. If you get along well with your friends, you will get along well. If you do things wisely, you will make the field round. If you succeed in everything, you will have a round life. You will have a happy dream. I wish you a happy mid autumn festival. ● when the Mid Autumn Festival comes, I look forward to the reunion of my family members, and I also look forward to the early reconciliation between the mainland and Taiwan and the early becoming a family. Our compatriots on both sides of the Straits have reached a common understanding! The vast and mighty, the reunification of the motherland who can block, let us look forward to the day of reunion! The moon is shining and bright, and the blessing is usually precious; the golden chrysanthemum is angry and fragrant, and the Mid-Autumn message is sincere; Chang'e is busy dancing the jade rabbit, which adds auspiciousness to the world. On the occasion of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you a happy family and a long happiness! Blessing words of Mid Autumn Festival. Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival. When the moon is full, I miss you more, and the sweet memories pile up; when the Mid Autumn Festival, I miss you more, and the laughter is happy and vague. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and all the best. Remember to smile for me when I look at the moon. That's my gift to you. ● the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and the family is happy and reunited. The bright moon is like a jade plate in the sky, and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant and the night wind is cool. The courtyard is surrounded by long words, and the autumn insects are still asleep. Warm and sweet dreamland, safe and healthy heart. The Mid Autumn Festival is here. There are delicious food. Jujube, red beans, peanuts, sesame, pineapple, strawberry, Hami melon, mango, ice cream, haha, are you drooling? what? You didn't eat it? You didn't find so much moon cake stuffing! Ha ha, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!