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The Mid Autumn Festival sends greetings to family members

on the Mid Autumn Festival, I send a message to my family to care about and greet the reunion of the full moon. I use romance as the skin, warmth as the filling, happiness as the king of eggs. People who know taste don't need more, it's better to have only you! My friend, no matter where you are now, you must see the moon that you have forgotten for a long time tonight. Make a wish and it will probably come true! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! How about a thousand miles? And miss each other. Continuous love and care, strong feelings and blessings, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The moon knows my heart, missing and growing, always want to rely on each other to tell the truth, helpless people in both places, always bless you! On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, we are looking at the bright moon and reading a piece of lovesickness, a piece of care, and the beauty of imperfection and eternal love, OK? The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. The moonlight is like water. Want to hold your hand, enjoy the moonlight bath together, but -- you and I are different! In late autumn, it's another season of missing. I write my missing into my greeting card and put my blessing into my heart. I miss you every year, every month! The full moon is like every year, you and I look forward to each other. That all over the sky, mercury everywhere, is our mutual thoughts. The round moon is like a mirror. Your mind can see it. The quiet night is a curtain, my star wish can not be counted. The moon is hard to touch, and there is no place to miss you. Raise your glass to invite Mingyue, ask her to say to you: Fudo! More money! Happy! Put my heart in your hand. I hope you will treasure it and take good care of it! Hi, Chang'e asked me to take a message for you. This mid autumn festival will leave some cake dregs for her. She will send you a golden moon cake next year. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When the wind blows, I miss you! When the moon is full, I am thinking of you! Happy Mid Autumn Festival, always remember to contact. A wisp of love thinks of a red bean. When the moon is full, I will ask the jade rabbit to send my special moon cake! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 15. The moon is round and round. My dog and I look at the moon. Don't let the dog slip. Fake models look at mobile phones. In front of the window, the moon is bald. I think it's the underground teething guy. I look up at the moon cake guy, and I look down at my hometown guy. What kind of guy are you? Let the most round moon accompany you and me, let the moon convey my wishes and blessings & hellip; wish the mid autumn festival happy, the full moon people round everything! The moon on the sea is full of tides, and the Acacia goes with the clouds, sending thousands of wisps of blessings from afar, turning into a breeze and dreaming. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! In this Mid Autumn Festival approaching, I hope you are in a good mood! Smile like flowers always open! All the wishes come true! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When does the moon come? I ask Qingtian about the pie. I don't know what's in the pie. Today is lotus seed. I want to watch the moon by boat. I'm afraid that the spaceship is too slow and cold in the distance. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. I want to tell you my missing to Yuelao in the past year! Look up at the bright moon and think about the person you love. If you are with me, I will never regret it! Mid Autumn Festival blessing language thousands of miles try to ask peace? And miss each other from afar. Continuous love and care, deep affection and blessing, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! On August 15, I will send you a moon cake, content: 100% care, ingredients: Sweet + happy + happy + tolerance + loyalty = happiness; shelf life: a lifetime; preservation method: cherish. August Mid Autumn Festival does not send gifts, send a message to bless you, healthy and happy long with you, good luck and you do not separate, and let me tell you, the God of wealth has followed you. The mid autumn moon in August is round. I miss Chang'e. You can see it in my heart. Chang'e is also wishing you a sweeter life! Give the long-term idea to autumn wind, let it perform the melody of lovesickness; let the heart waiting for reunion leap into space, and narrate the eternal theme under the laurel tree in the Moon Palace. Spring has flowers, autumn looks at the moon, summer has cool wind and winter listens to the snow. If there is no trouble in your heart, it's a good time for life. I hope you have leisure in the morning and leisure in the evening. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The wind is soft, the rain is moist, the flowers are full, and the happy life is sweet! From winter to spring, the water is like smoke, and the Mid Autumn Festival is in front of us! Fleeting years never return, life must be happy. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Hi, Chang'e asked me to take a message for you. This mid autumn festival will leave some cake dregs for her. She will send you a golden moon cake next year. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Hi, Chang'e asked me to send a message to you: you looked at her so affectionately last night, making her heart beat faster and sleepless all night. Please don't bother her with your eyes today! Hou Yi shot the sun, Chang'e stole the moon. The moon never grows old. It's hard since ancient times. Mid autumn moon hanging, the heart round the past. The jade rabbit accompanies Chang'e, and the silk belt encircles lovesickness for thousands of years. At the festival, I'd like to send you a mooncake: the first layer of wealth; the second layer of luck; the third layer of happiness; the fourth layer of romance; the middle layer of sweetness. I wish you a good mood every day! Another full moon night, under the moon for you to make three wishes: a dream like a full moon, two days more sweet than cakes, three beauty like a Moon Fairy. Make a good wish to wish you happiness, send a wonderful feeling to wish you everything is round, send a short message to wish you happiness. Hearing, thinking, thinking, saying, doing, getting, and time, my good wishes have all been received by you. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Smile sweet! I am preparing for the company to produce mooncakes. Make skin with romance; make stuffing with warmth; make egg king with happiness; people who know taste don't need more, you'd better be the only one! The moon is especially bright in the Mid Autumn Festival. I send my greetings to you from afar. The bright moon is shining in the sky, and the good night of the Mid Autumn Festival is full of sincere thoughts. I wish you more good luck during the festival, and the full moon will bring you everything! One year Mid Autumn Festival came again, far away in my hometown, I have only one belief in my heart - I wish my family members happiness and health forever! The moon is priceless, and there is love in the mountains. May your life be as round and full as the 15 th moon! I don't know whose house Autumn Thoughts fall on. May every day you live be as successful as the moon of the 15th. Flower good people better, the full moon people reunion, the heart has thousands of knot, own know each other. When is a bright moon, love will bring the east wind. Get together happy leave hate empty memory, full moon west tower looks at the long sky. Can you remember when the geese come back? The 15th moon is sixteen yuan, the 15th of this year is the most round. I don't know if it can make people round.