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Mid autumn night language sends Acacia, happy flowers and full moon

the mid autumn night language sends Acacia, and the moon is full, but it's hard to be round - the classic Mid Autumn Festival greeting. Now there are no women on the earth to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with me. I'm going to the moon to find Chang'e's sister for the mid autumn Festival. Approaching the Mid Autumn Festival, wish you a happy holiday! Have a good mood every day, remember to call me! Full moon night, acacia, each side of the world, add more sorrow, thousands of words difficult to tell each other, only one word: beware of mooncakes! Last year, when the moon was full, the lanterns were as bright as the day; on the moon, at the end of the willow, about dusk. When this year's full moon, the moon and the lamp are still the same; when last year's man disappeared, tears wet the sleeves of spring shirt. I sit quietly in front of the window alone, sending a piece of deep feeling to you in the distance: I wish you happiness, health and good luck. Is there anything good? Bring some quickly. I can't wait. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! If there is anything to celebrate, it must be reunion; if there is anything to celebrate, it is peace. Seeing the bright moon, I think of you in the distance; bathing in the warmth of the moon, I feel your bright smile. -Honey, I miss you. Mid Autumn Festival, far you eat round cakes to see the round moon want to round things, don't forget far me! There is a man in the distance. The autumn wind blows, and the rice is fragrant. Can Mid Autumn Festival return to hometown? The full moon is like every year, you and I look forward to each other. That all over the sky, mercury everywhere, is our mutual thoughts. The autumn of your life is the color of maple leaf, not the spring light is better than the spring light, when it's frost season, but it's particularly lively. Spring River tide even sea level, sea moon tide together, spend a good month reunion, blessing voice with you. Friend: Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Another full moon night, under the moon for you to make three wishes: a dream like a full moon, two days more sweet than cakes, three beauty like a Moon Fairy. On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, I have a banquet in the Moon Palace to prepare a sumptuous dinner for you: steamed romance, red blessing, boiled reunion, fried Happy Cake, sincere and warm soup, very pistachio, warm and happy wine. Please come. When does the moon come? Ask the green sky about the pie. I don't know that the filling in the pie is even sweeter than honey. I want to fly to see you. I'm afraid that the technology is not enough and there is danger in the high place. So I have to send a message to wish you a happy reunion in the Mid Autumn Festival. The moon is priceless, and there is love in the mountains. May your life be as round and full as the 15 th moon! Send a sweet moon cake, together with a blessing heart & hellip; & hellip; tonight's moon is so round, I want to hold your hand and enjoy the moon at the seaside! I love you! Like the eternal moon! The Mid Autumn Festival is here. Have a good holiday! The earth is too dangerous. Let's go to the moon! On the Mid Autumn Festival, when the moon is full, it is difficult for people to be round. When they miss and miss each other, they can't help crying. How about a thousand miles? And miss each other. Continuous love and care, strong feelings and blessings, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The full moon brings people together, but the short moon brings them apart. If it is merciless, the moon is full, if it is sentimental, the moon is full. Blessing language love the beautiful scenery of the full moon, intoxicated with romantic feelings. Please enjoy the harvest of October, so that the joy of mid autumn reunion with you usher in every day of success! I wish you and your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters a happy family, eat well, eat well, and eat like a big Fu! Net edge! Love! Full moon! Mid autumn night language send Acacia, a full moon is difficult. Take greetings and yearning, wish everything to be a circle. In person month two reunion, the day of universal celebration wish you: have bubble endless handsome boy! There's no end to hanging. Do what you want!! It's more 'round'!! In this reunion day, I wish happiness to come to you, good luck to you, happiness to accompany you, career to accompany you, love to pursue you, success to wait for you, money to find you, I want to bless you: health, happy holidays. There is a world in a grain of sand! There is a heaven in a flower! When your eyes fall on the mobile phone, my blessing will be collected by you in an instant. No matter where you are, I hope you are safe and healthy. Facing a pool of clear water, fishing for a few idle fish, pondering the gains and losses of life, going out of the world, drinking a pot of old wine and making a group of friends. Although people can't help themselves in the Jianghu, don't be too tired. Occasionally busy, does not mean forgetting, the arrival of autumn, I wish you a happy mood, have fallen greetings, this time together compensation, all care, cohesion of this message: bless your friends. The bright moon hangs high in the sky; yearning slowly accumulates into a mountain; recollecting, the curtain shows in front of you; yearning, you and I are round every year. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When the moon is full again this autumn, the breeze only reflects the Mid Autumn Festival, missing the beautiful woman thousands of miles away, and the moon shows my heart. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and a full moon! Sea rising moon, the end of the world at this time, it is a full moon night, send you a moon cake, infinite thoughts and blessings in which, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The moon is especially bright in the Mid Autumn Festival. I send my greetings to you from afar. The bright moon is shining in the sky, and the good night of the Mid Autumn Festival is full of sincere thoughts. I wish you more good luck during the festival, and the full moon will bring you everything!