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The classic sentence of Mid Autumn Festival blessing

classic sentence of blessing of Mid Autumn Festival: white tree roosting crow in atrium, silent cold dew and wet osmanthus. Tonight, people look forward to the full moon, I don't know whose home Autumn Thoughts fall? The moon is round, people get together, toast together, celebrate together! Hometown bright moon loves infinite, its hometown bright moon is also sentimental! Sing together, sing together tonight bright moon! Every mid autumn to the full moon, the full moon is the most Acacia time. I wish the Mid Autumn Festival and the whole family a happy reunion! On the 15th of the blessing month, the world is peaceful; on the Mid Autumn Festival, the whole family pays homage to the moon; the pagoda lamp lights the heaven and the earth; the lotus root under the flower, the lotus root thread is continuous; the pomegranate, the pomegranate opens to see the son; the reunion cake, the lovers get together and have a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Jinxiaxin gradually rises to the East, and the shadow of the wheel boat promotes the frequent look. It's hard to combine the best of times. He should be melancholy on this day of the year. In the Mid Autumn Festival, the stars are bright and the moon is round. I send my blessing by moonlight. Greetings follow me quietly. I hope we can be as round and full as the moon on the road of cooperation. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! There is a beautiful woman, you kiss at will, she won't be nervous; you touch at will, she won't ripple; you tease at will, she won't resist; you trample at will, she won't shout; beauty brand moon cake, wish you a happy and auspicious Mid Autumn Festival! Friendship is like a mountain, give you care; years are like wind, give you happiness; flowers fall like rain, give you fragrance; moon is like snow, give you true love. Mid Autumn Festival is coming. I wish you a happy mid autumn festival. Family love, love for the holidays. Home full moon, full Mid Autumn Festival. Light autumn light long road, blue radius Cassia pan Tianxiang. The moon is bright, the moon is round, the wind is strong, the sail is light, and the swallow is in line. The moon is a poem, the starry sky is a painting, may all happiness accompany you, greetings are spring, concern is summer, may all friends treat you sincerely, tenderness is autumn, romance is winter, may all happiness follow you. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The spring river and the tide are even, the sea and the moon are in full bloom, and people are reunited. I wish you a happy mid autumn festival. Friend: Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Net margin! Love margin! Full moon! Mid autumn night language send Acacia, a good flower full moon is difficult. Take greetings and yearning, wish everything to be a circle. In the evening, when the clouds are full of cold, the silver and the Han turn to the jade plate silently. This life is not a long night. Where will the moon look next year. You are like Chang Juan in the moon. I'd like to be the jade rabbit in the palace to accompany you for the Mid Autumn Festival. 15. The moon is round and round. My dog and I look at the moon. Don't let the dog slip. Fake models look at mobile phones. Dragon Boat Festival blessing language alone in a foreign country for a stranger, every holiday times think of relatives. I wish the Mid Autumn Festival and the family a happy reunion! The moon is easy to fall and the people are easy to disperse, so I will pay more attention to the wine when I come back. The clearer the moonlight in front of the hall, the colder the throat, the clearer the dew grass. The rolling curtain pushes the door to be quiet and nobody is left. Under the window, it's only old Chu. Nandu is engaged in Mo shame and poverty. There are several people who write poems to the moon. I will sink with my heart, cover with my blessings, and wrap up with happiness and sweetness. In this beautiful Mid Autumn Festival, I will send you a special moon cake, and I hope you can taste my true feelings. Draw the circle of friendship with sincerity as the center and heart as the radius; draw the circle of love with fate as the center and romance as the radius; draw the circle of reunion with care as the center and concern as the radius; wish you happy at the Mid Autumn Festival!