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2014 Mid Autumn Festival Blessing SMS selection

2014 Mid Autumn Festival blessing message selection: 100 people have 100 understandings of the Mid Autumn Festival, 100 people have 100 yearnings for the reunion, 100 people have 100 yearnings for the perfect meeting, I have only one kind of care and yearning for you forever, that is: I hope you have a good life! May greetings be moonlight, soft light into your dreams; may care be maple leaves, gently floating out the fragrance of happiness; may blessings be streams, flowing quietly in your heart. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Children only want to have snacks and happiness during the holidays. The old people only want to be healthy and blessed for a long time. Their children have everything. Their parents only want to have wages and work for a long time. They are happy forever. Dear friends, September 9, waiting for the Mid Autumn Festival, the reunion will be soon, and the holiday will be long! May you be happy when the Mid Autumn Festival comes! I wish you a good mood every day. Sweet scented osmanthus and bright moon make everything smooth. The sound of Sheng song and cakes make you feel good and lucky. I wish you a happy and Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Send you a wisp of breeze, wish it bring you fresh mood, send you a white cloud, wish it bring you continuous good luck. Send you a moon, wish it to bless you for me: Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Romantic Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is shy, what do you want to worry about? A short message, the words are true, the moon is bright and the stars are rare. Thousands of miles miss each other and send us a message of love. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The cloud and mist divide, and people run to the wide cold. How dare you laugh at Wang sun when the toad palace wins the laurel. The Mid Autumn Festival is full of sunshine and beautiful scenery. The medicine is pounded by a rabbit, and the jade is filled with gold. Raise a glass with wish, the full moon will never trace. When the Mid Autumn Festival arrives, everyone laughs, no noise, no care, good health, beautiful appearance, and harmonious atmosphere, happy and lively; when the Mid Autumn Festival arrives, everyone throws away their worries, no worries, no impetuousness, small long vacation, good rest, sharing Tianlun is rare. Mid Autumn Festival has come, stop busy! Stop for love, and you will reap all the true meaning of life! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Sweet scented osmanthus, yellow chrysanthemum and the moon hanging in the center of your head, I come to bless you. I hope you are as strong as Wu Gang, your career is as bright as the moon, your life is more like a round moon cake, and your year is stronger than the year before. I wish you a happy mid autumn festival. In autumn, the wild geese travel in the South; in autumn, the mountains are dyed with chrysanthemums, yellow flowers, and sweet osmanthus. Autumn is full of fruits, ripe flowers and fragrance; the moon is dim and the laughter is long. Moon cake is also fragrant, wine is also long. Think of your hometown in the holidays, and you will be strong in the world. When the moon is full, don't forget the truth. I wish the mid autumn festival happiness and good luck! Although I am a house girl, but I have connotation; little girl at home alone, so lonely! I remember we had a relationship. I only blame you for being rude. Now I don't think you are ugly anymore, Mid Autumn Festival, brother pig, have fun and come to play when you have time! Take the happy and worry free spring, and the healthy and safe face, pinch the skin of a good month, and pack the stuffing of sweet and happiness. Bake with caring fire, pass on with missing and blessing letter, send special moon cake, wish Mid Autumn Festival happy! Langdu is fragrant, quiet and elegant; the breeze is moving, cool and fragrant; you look up at the moon and look down for home; the full moon is hanging high and covered with silver frost; your friends are dreaming, on the side of the water; you miss me deeply and send me to pray for happiness; friendship is sincere and sincere; you look forward to the Mid Autumn Festival, which is auspicious; your wish is the most beautiful, and you will always enjoy it; happiness is sweet, and everything is on your mind; you can recruit money and treasure, and stand guard left and right; you can join in a sentence, which is willing to You are Yongxiang. I see you once a year, the feelings are increasingly lingering. You touch my warm body and break my psychological defense. Kiss till I come into your heart. I'm a mooncake. Don't gobble it up when you eat me! Happy Mid Autumn Festival is a limited edition super blockbuster "Mid Autumn Festival blessings", which will be premiered on August 15! At that time, my true feelings will be naked and unreserved! Line: Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The last heat wave of summer is slowly disappearing in the flowing time. The Mid Autumn Festival brings the cool of the golden autumn. In this harvest season, I sincerely wish you a happy harvest and a success! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Mid Autumn Festival SMS: sweet osmanthus in August, may life be more fragrant, the mid autumn moon is like water, may work be more pleasant, Chang'e lives in the toad palace, may love be sweet and wealth flourish, Mid Autumn Festival blessings come, may the future be promising everywhere, and the Mid Autumn Festival is happy. Send you a piece of Osmanthus cake, wish you a higher career; send you a bowl of osmanthus wine, wish you a smooth and smooth future; send you a piece of osmanthus wine, wish you health and happiness for a long time; send you a ray of osmanthus fragrance, wish you a happy mid autumn festival. Happy Mid Autumn Festival don't wait, please guess the riddle. The talented person leaves the wealth successfully, comes by one status, draws a frame to wait inside, happy happy happy. May wish to look up at the moon, the answer to the natural heart. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Special recommendation: (National Day greetings)