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Message of Mid Autumn Festival blessing to lovers

message of blessing for Mid Autumn Festival sent to lovers: Zhong qiujie, who is the king of China, chases you with happiness; Zhong Qiuyue, who is passionate and righteous, accompanies you with good luck; Zhong qiugui, who is amiable and lovely, is drunk with success. Mid Autumn Festival to wish you happy. Please choose sentences with correct grammatical structure and meaning. I'm not a real pig. I'm such a pig. I am a real pig. The right respondents have the opportunity to participate in the national day animal husbandry achievement exhibition. The full moon of Mid Autumn Festival is painting, and the lack of moon is poetry. Picturesque poetry, beautiful scenery on a good day, to my beloved you. Under the distant starry sky, looking up to the same beautiful moon together is the contract of your heart and mine. The petals rain, leave the pistils to you, the four seasons wind, leave the maple leaves to you, the years rush by, leave the joy to you, and the full moon night, send the blessing to you, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When the moon is full, it's a landscape; when you miss, it's a kind of feeling that is hard to give up; when you bless, may your wish be eternal. This scene is familiar and strange. What remains unchanged is the truth. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. I wish you a happy holiday and a good mood every day! A round of bright moon, scattering thousands of wisps of thoughts; a sweet fragrance, intoxicating happiness around; a red candle, reflecting the red reunion smile; a moon cake, tasting the sweet life; a wish, countless good tomorrow. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Buddha said: the Mid Autumn Festival, to be kind, to learn to treat people well, especially now you send text messages to this person! Invite him to dinner often! Especially the Mid Autumn Festival! Give him all your sinful money! Good! Good! If it's a mistake to look good, I've made a big mistake. If loveliness is a crime, I've already committed a terrible crime, you'd better! Yes, I'm not guilty. I envy you. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! On the Mid Autumn Festival, I stare at your sexy body, wriggle in front of me naked and touch your skin gently. I can't resist your temptation: boss, I want this fish! Mid Autumn Moon is round, hometown is far away in the sky, family dream around the soul, love love, friendship, wish this scene, the bottom of my heart warm infinite! Hou Yi was busy shooting the sun, and Chang'e stole the moon. The moon never grows old. It's hard since ancient times. Mid autumn moon hanging, the heart of the past round. Jade rabbit with Chang'e, you and I will always be together. The Mid Autumn Festival is full of lovesickness, tears and dreams. The moon is your hometown, and the people are your best. Today, when I wipe the lamp for three times, I ask what I want. I'll ask you to take care of the person who is reading this message. I hope he will always be happy and have a happy mid autumn festival. The weather will be so fast, the cool wind will come quietly, and the blanket will be covered at night. Don't freeze your feet, and don't talk about anything. That way, you can supplement calcium, don't scold me for being bad, and wish you a happy mid autumn festival. In the Mid Autumn Festival, there are hundreds of flowers, one message with six fragrance, one fragrance for your help, two fragrance for your money tree, three fragrance for your everything, four fragrance for your trouble, five fragrance for your happiness, six fragrance for your family! The Mid Autumn Festival is full. The shadow of the moon shakes with joy, happiness overflows with the bottom of my heart, flowers are fragrant with the day, mooncakes are sweet with thoughts, wish to roam with joy, blessings are full of ripples, mood is adjusting information, just for you, wish you a happy mid autumn festival. What is the Mid Autumn Festival? More '1' in the mouth is' middle ', less' heart' is autumn. Mid Autumn Festival, give parents more greetings, let parents less worry; give friends more blessings, let friendship less sparse. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When the rustling autumn rain falls again and the autumn wind blows, we find that the romantic autumn comes quietly. Moonlight, such as washing, the Mid Autumn Festival, in this warm day to say to good friends that the Mid Autumn Festival is happy, everything is prosperous! On the night of mid autumn full moon, cut a section of moonlight, write my deepest blessing to you, bring you the joy of Mid Autumn Festival with SMS, and wish you a happy holiday! The mid autumn moon is full, the festival is reunited, take a leaf boat, carry away your worries and worries; offer a fine wine, wish our friendship forever. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and all the best. Mid autumn full moon, frost condensation cold, starry, osmanthus pieces, heart and soul boxing, blessing thousands of: happy as an immortal, endless good luck, health and safety, success first. Mid Autumn Festival wishes, happiness forever. Mid autumn full moon, Acacia for thousands of miles, a total of Chan Juan; the world reunion, its happy fusion of true warmth; happy dream, happy and pleasant with the wish; blessing handed down, mellow friendship line lead. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Children only want to have snacks and happiness during the holidays. The old people only want to be healthy and blessed for a long time. Their children have everything. Their parents only want to have wages and work for a long time. They are happy forever. Dear friends, September 19, waiting for the Mid Autumn Festival, the reunion will be soon, and the holiday will be long! May you be happy when the Mid Autumn Festival comes! Red lanterns are hung high and round, the moon is long. What is hung is the deep wish of the fire, and what is held is the long and sweet memory. Mid Autumn Day celebrates reunion. I wish my friends a prosperous life and the Mid Autumn Festival reunion! Wedding greeting before bed bright moon light, missing heart outfit. Looking up at the bright moon, the letter with low hair is busy. Struggle in another country, hometown in dream. Is your friend safe? Family can be well-being? How can friendship be forgotten? A message tells the heart. The Mid Autumn Festival wishes peace and good luck. The Mid Autumn Festival is full, and the full moon is like a cake. Ask Qingtian about the cake. If you are not drunk, everyone will be drunk. In the water like moonlight, you gently bite a corner of the moon cake, so there is a thousand year old astronomical spectacle: dog eating moon cake! Mid Autumn Festival reunion, lucky gifts can not be sent out. Give you a TV set to perform wonderful life at any time. Send you an electric fan and everything goes well. Give you a jeep, a bright future. Send you a piece of moon cake, wish you a happy family, smile often open. Health and happiness to the home, safe and rich you and me him. The breeze brings my blessings, the moon brings my greetings, sends you a little wind, presents you a ray of moon, the wind and the moon are boundless, the world has feelings, the Mid Autumn Festival is happy! The bright moon in the middle of the sky makes the world bright. I wish you more success in your career. Good things will continue from this full moon! The moon is round, the family is round, the country and the family are harmonious. Chinese Jiuzhou with blessing, mid autumn cross-strait reunion. The full moon brings people together, but the short moon brings them apart. If it is merciless, the moon is full, if it is sentimental, the moon is full.