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Classic netizen's original poem of missing in Mid Autumn Festival

classic netizen's original - Mid Autumn Festival missing poetry 1, thinking about the past -. Evil 'looks at the moon alone at the best of times. In the past, you believed and broke your heart. When the old man went to wet his clothes with tears, he did not know when the full moon was! 2. The moon is full - the university is full and the moon is full. People can't sleep at night in other places. They dream across the mountain and across the water. They dream like sails. They hope to return home. 3. The Mid Autumn Moon - baby-918 is a bright moon. When they come to the Mid Autumn Festival, they can't help but think about the infinite. They prepare the flower and moon wine early, but there is no one to drink. They drink alone, The mid autumn moon is brighter. 4. "Mid autumn Fu" - the wind, the fire, the life is like a dream, the street willows are like smoke. Mid autumn in ancient times, and now full moon. White cloud and green dye, the wind comes in all directions. Wutong leaves fall, and the grass is pale. In autumn, you can express your aspiration and go to Wushan. A bird's-eye view of Gusu is magnificent. Love can range from the moon to the sky. Wanli Acacia, a world! 5, "Partridge Sky" - Liji digital car light flute amazing dream. The moon is dim, leaning against the window. Relatives do not meet in Mid Autumn Festival, but do long work for life. Think, read. The cloud mountain is heavy in my hometown. I only hope to return to my hometown in the next year, and I will be filial and serve my parents. 6. Mid autumn night thinking of family members - wandering in the end of the world is another Mid Autumn Festival, looking at the bright moon alone in a foreign country. The moon is full and the moon is bright. Can you send me Acacia. The moon cake is sweet and fragrant. I really want to go home at once. When family members get together to enjoy the moon and eat mooncakes, they are ashamed to return home with nothing. Only to think about the moon and the sky, worry heartbroken! 7. Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival - how about shangxuanfu, who is struggling hard, with numerous documents. When will the moon be round. The high hall, like snow, is said to be able to eat. Don't always be attached to the importance of responsibility. 8. Homesickness - idle clouds and wild cranes meet the Mid Autumn Festival again, and the west wind is waning at night. No hometown month, 12 years of official travel. When I am drunk, I can hear the laughter of my relatives and friends, and I can also wake up in a dream. Pray for the bright mirror and the jade rabbit. 9. Homesickness in the Mid Autumn Festival - jaq88122 left home for a long time, and then the moon was full. No one can see pity for a stranger. Regret when little spirit, now see hometown difficult reunion. Looking up to the hometown of Changtian, I don't feel the tears full of bead curtains, homesick people, looking forward to reunion, relatives can be safe now? (more mid autumn messages)