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What blessing message does mid autumn festival send to leaders? A collection of funny personalized m

The funniest Mid Autumn Festival blessing message is coming! The Mid Autumn Festival new face blessing message will definitely make you laugh off your big teeth, send it to leaders and friends with more face. Let's see what funny message the mid autumn season sends to leaders!

On behalf of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, brother bin Laden and all the warriors of the base, Bush, Putin and Blair, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to you and all the family through you: Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Happy event spirit is cool, people group family circle career. Happy holiday, hard body, I think you will win.

I knew that you would be surrounded by endless messages on the Mid Autumn Festival. Wise, I would let you cross the mountains, cross the high buildings, cross the streets and lanes, pass the old lady selling tea eggs, and get into your ears: Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

My dear son, study hard. My father will give you a big moon cake you like best tomorrow.

One moon, one you, two shadows me and you. I'm lucky to know you. I've been missing you for four months. I'm looking for you from all over the world. I'm infatuated with you. Seven stars accompany you. I'll wait for you on August 15.

Busy? I just want to tell you that today is the Mid Autumn Festival in such a way that I don't disturb you. I'm thinking about you. How about you? Remember to pass on your love, so that those who love you can feel your friendship!

Looking up at the bright moon and thinking about my old friend, although I miss you very much, I will not be lonely, because I am sharing the same round of bright moon with you.

Frog's four wishes: there is no snake bubble in the farmland, the swan is in my arms, participating in the triple jump of the Olympic Games, and reading messages in the Mid Autumn Festival. Message of Mid Autumn Festival

Friendship is fragrant meat bun, hot pot, hot hot hot pot, round big moon cake. I'm greedy again. Let's have a drink on Mid Autumn Festival.

The moon is the Mid Autumn Festival. I wish you a good mood every day. The bright moon is shining in the sky. There are lots of good things. I wish you many happy holidays and good luck every day!

Raise your head and look up at the moon of the 15th five year plan, let the white moonlight gently sprinkle on you. You want to sing "special love for special you" and "the moon represents my heart". Can you hear it?

The moon of the Mid Autumn Festival hangs quietly outside the window. I look at it as if it is a mirror, you and I are looking at each other. I think your face is like a mooncake, honey, let me take a bite!

When the pleasant bell rings again, I realize that the warm season of autumn has arrived. At this moment, anything can be forgotten, but what can't be forgotten is to say to friends: you are happy, I am happy!