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Let people laugh at the blessing: you don't have to dig your heart and lungs for heating

ridicule and humor can make life full of laughter. The following blessings with ridicule can make any friend or family laugh! Please see: make people laugh and laugh at the blessings!

Make people laugh and laugh at blessings

Since the day I lost contact with you, I have been concerned about you every day and looking for your whereabouts everywhere. Maybe you don't know how anxious I am, but I still won't give up, because -- the price of pork has risen, you have appreciated!

Love you forever; Spoil you, never tired; I love you every minute; Protect you, never give up; I can't even eat if I can't see you all day, because I can't eat fried vegetables without you!

A group of matches crowded together to keep warm. When the firecrackers saw it, they crowded over and said, 'Hey, brother, me too & hellip& hellip;' Before he finished, he heard a 'Bang', and the match said, 'brother, you don't have to dig your heart and lungs for heating!'

Because the red rabbit horse can travel thousands of miles a day, it has become Guan Yu's mount; The white dragon horse became the mount of Tang Monk because of the instruction of Guanyin Bodhisattva; Although you are not so powerful, it's still very good for you to become Avanti's mount.

Because of you, I will happily listen to the sound of that day; Because of you, I can feel the care like a mother; But you have always been unknown and regretless with me. Thank your relatives - ears.