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Wedding wishes that can be sent out at any wedding site: new weather, starting for happiness

on the wedding day, what kind of blessing can be expressed only after repeated brewing in the heart? The following blessings are suitable for the wedding blessings that can be expressed at any wedding site! You, I and he can collect and give it to married friends around you, because although sometimes we are at the end of the world, our hearts must be together! We are best friends with each other! Wedding wishes can be sent out at any wedding site

If you marry a man, you will marry a big wolf. If you marry a wife, you will marry a happy man. From knowing each other to loving each other, from loving each other to knowing each other better. People often say 'out of print couples' is you! Wish 'grey wolf' and 'happy' to love each other year by year and know each other year by year!

Both spouses have been born, and they like to form an alliance. Husband and wife have strong feelings for worship, and live up to their youth and the sky. Hongmei Aoxue adds joy and loyalty to her whole life. Carved beams and painted buildings, jade screen wind, beautiful scenery on a good day until dawn. Wish: love life!

The auspicious day is good, the wind is gentle and the sun is beautiful, the Phoenix and Phoenix are singing together, and the pearls are perfect; A hundred years of love, mandarin ducks, bridal chamber flowers and candles, full of brilliance; The wild geese celebrate, sing and dance lightly, the husband and wife are concentric, and everyone envies. I wish: a new marriage, a new atmosphere and a departure for happiness.

Passionate music rings and happy gongs and drums beat. Relatives and friends make trouble, and the bride and groom worship. Finally open the concentric lock and create the future with one heart and one mind. Marriage is the envy of everyone, and happiness comes when flowers and moons are full. Wish you a happy wedding!

Hot, young and beautiful, especially today; Happy life is beautiful, especially today; Sweet love is gorgeous, especially today. I sincerely wish you a beautiful day, a happy marriage and a happy marriage for a hundred years. Happy wedding!

Marriage is established by God, and a happy marriage is blessed by God; May our God give you and your family all the blessings in heaven and those hidden in the earth!

Marriage is not the end of love, but the beginning of love. Today you get married and send blessings. I only wish you tolerance and care for each other and a happy life!