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A blessing forwarded by my colleagues on Halloween: you're lucky. You can't change your luck until y

Blessings forwarded by colleagues in the company on Halloween 2015: you are not lucky to invite me to dinner on this day!

According to our customs, on Halloween night, you will be invited to join our happy carnival. The first thing you have to do is to put on a smiling mask.

Today is a very special day, do you remember? Think about it, you cried today last year. Ha ha, today is Halloween. Remember I pretended to frighten you.

Today is Halloween. Your luck will fluctuate like a ghost, but if you invite me to a big meal, I can transfer it for you. I don't know if you believe me, a hungry ghost.

It's terrible. I saw a strange thing just now. You won't believe it. It's a ghost. He's reading text messages with a thing called mobile phone in his hand. Ha ha, happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween! As long as you forward this message to ten friends, you will get the affectionate blessing of the super ghost king of Halloween for free. I wish you a carnival night.

Ghosts are everywhere during the day and at night. How can there be so many ghosts? Because today is Halloween, let's pretend ghosts and have a happy night.

You are a ghost, hovering in the midnight ghost I miss, you are a zombie, a millennium zombie in my heart, you are a vampire, a beautiful vampire who sucks up my life. Halloween, please let me miss you like a happy ghost.

You're a ghost. Don't deny it. He talks a lot of nonsense and does things by devils. He eats like a hungry ghost and drinks like a drunkard. When he sees a beauty changing color ghost, the beauty scolds you as a dead ghost. Happy Halloween, kid!

The ghost who loves you twines, the little ghost who dotes on you always jumps, thinks your lights never go out, and hopes your wheels never stop. Come and see me right away, or you will not be rewarded. You will be charmed by my sweet poison. Happy Halloween, remember to get together!

Lay out sacrificial offerings and enjoy boundless blessings in a year; Light up the pumpkin lantern, auspicious and good luck; Pray for a good day and a better tomorrow; Mobile phone to send blessings, light gifts, heavy feelings: I wish a happy Halloween, a beautiful little day and unlimited happiness!

Make a face to scare the devil and wear strange clothes. When grimace sees the kid, Fengying takes out candy. Offering sacrifices, the devil fled, and the family laughed safely and happily. Halloween, may you send more sacrifices to the kids to ensure a safe and auspicious life!

Don't say I'm not interesting enough. I've said candy several times. You still don't send it to me. Today is Halloween. The deadline has come. Don't blame me. Special vampires go to suck up your troubles and your worries. Be afraid. Who told you not to give me sugar? Ha ha, happy Halloween!

Do you look good? Halloween survey: if your face is from heaven, please contact me directly; If you are from the people, please reply; Belong to those from the underworld, please respect yourself. Happy Halloween!

Usually go out and pretend to be a ghost, and people pretend to be ghosts on Halloween. Whether they are ghosts or people, they are free as long as they are happy. People, ghosts and demons are out to celebrate Halloween. Why don't you take action? Whether you are a person or a ghost, please be happy!

On Halloween night, light up the pumpkin lantern in your hand, illuminate the black melancholy, put on your happy mask, and usher in the joy that should belong to you.

You bastard, you haven't contacted me for so long. Today is your holiday. I'm merciful to find you a fun job. Please go to spend Halloween with black and white impermanence. Ha ha, I wish you have a good time with big ghosts and little ghosts. Happy Halloween!

I miss you very much and am afraid to see you. Maybe you are watching me silently in some corner of the world. I want to touch your face without chin. Ah, it's the ghost of Halloween! Happy holidays!

Don't think I've forgotten you. For example, today -- Halloween, the first thing I think of is you, because you are related to ghosts! I wish you a happy holiday!

As soon as a beautiful woman waves her hand, she should also take a look at the street lights; The two beauties on the street waved and the tall buildings wanted to kiss; Three beauties on the street waved and the earth braked back. Ha ha, I wish you all saints happiness!

Today is Halloween. I'm resurrected. It's on your head. I don't believe you touch it. I'll wash your head with my blood. I don't believe you touch it, it's still wet! Ha ha ha, happy Halloween!

When the sisters went shopping on Halloween night, they saw two dogs mating. The sister didn't understand that the sister lied that it was a fight. A man next to them laughed. The sister stared at the man. The man said: why stare at me? Want to fight? Ha ha, happy Halloween!