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2015 funny Halloween blessing: Halloween, your festival, I wish you happiness!

funny blessing among basin friends in 2015: if you dress up as an angry bird, I'll dress up as a fat pig who is angry with you!

You say you are shy and often blush. So you don't like crowded occasions. But now, it's Halloween. When you're free, you can go out for a walk at night! Happy Halloween!

If you dress up cat Tom, I'll dress up naughty Jerry; You dress up as a kind white swan, I dress up as an evil black swan; If you dress up as an angry bird, I'll dress up as a fat pig who is angry with you. Happy Halloween, tease you, no discussion!

Do you want to be more charming? Do you want to be more handsome? I sell panacea on behalf of you to ensure that you are beautiful and handsome. You are welcome to order in advance by SMS. Halloween, I wish you happy like a ghost.

Others say you look good: your head is as big as a fight, you have more wisdom, your eyes are like copper bells, you have a wide field of vision, your mouth is wide, you swallow all directions, your face is ruddy, and you are quaint. Don't think you can't recognize you with a pumpkin on your head! Happy Halloween!

You are so beautiful and intoxicating; It takes no effort to walk so handsome; The movement is so strange that there is no trace; Laugh so mysteriously that you never have to breathe. Halloween, your holiday, I wish you happiness.

The leaves fall on the street and there are fewer people in the street. My blessing to you is ready. Big ghosts and little ghosts can't stand it. Why are you still alone? Come out and revel together on Halloween.

On Halloween night, a and B put on masks to pretend to be ghosts. A said he wanted to pretend to be evil ghosts to scare people, and B said he wanted to pretend to be female ghosts to seduce people, because he saw a lusty ghost reading a text message.

Halloween is coming. One thing to emphasize is that you can pretend to be scary, but you should also pay attention to taste. Our principle is to make all ghosts happy to see you, including the one who is reading text messages.