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On March 8, 2016, women's day, the best wishes for women

On March 8, 2016, women's day, the best wishes for women Maybe my shoulders are not broad enough, but I think you cover the wind and rain; Maybe my arm is not strong enough, but it can hold up a blue sky for you. Happy women's Day! I ordered 30000 yuan jewelry for you online. I wish you a happy March 8th! They will send you jewelry and hair floats & hellip& hellip; Oh, forget, you paid the 30000 yuan. I'll give you a car on March 8th, and you'll take it to work in the future. But you have to sacrifice your bicycle wheels and bed board. I'll take care of the animals pulling the cart. Do you like donkey or horse? Husband, under your care, I gained three kilograms. That necklace is a little tight. Women's Day is coming. Buy me a new long necklace that weighs three kilograms! The world is particularly beautiful because of the birth of women; Today, the hearts of women all over the world are closer because of their dreams! Happy women's Day! If beauty is a crime, you have committed heinous crimes! If temperament is a mistake, you have made mistakes again and again! If wisdom is to be punished, don't you want thousands of cuts? I wish the best beauty in the world a happy March 8th! darling I love you! Happy women's Day! Blessing words Grasp the revolution and engage in production. You has the final say in our two matters. Dear, happy women's Day! Today is women's day. What I want to do is the following: first, my wife is always right. 2、 If your wife is wrong, please refer to Article 1. So & hellip& hellip; In this to the female & middot; More cooking, more laundry, fewer children and more trees. It's a holiday. You should have a rest. I wish you a happy holiday, March 8?? Women's Day! Modern women should consciously be a person, a person like men. Not only what men can do, but also what men can't do. People are like houses, friends are windows. The more windows, the brighter the house. I would like to be your biggest window facing the sun: flowers in spring, cool air in autumn, cool wind in summer and warm sun in winter. Happy March 8th! When the March 8th Festival comes, I think there's nothing for you. I don't want to give you too much. I only give you 50 million: be happy! Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Don't forget me! Comrades!!! Agreed to invite me to dinner. How come it's not here yet!? If you have no money, I'll lend it to you and ask me. Today is women's day. Come on. Based on your good performance on women's day, we hereby issue a golden flag to grant you the title of 'new good man who has not died in the 21st century'! I hope you will make persistent efforts. Today, women are liberated. It's better not to mess with them! Congratulations on your holiday. I'll cook it and you'll eat it. You have one holiday a year, I spend the rest every day, I take one day off a year, and you work overtime for the rest. There is a shopping mall with a 10% discount. Women, go shopping! All women, if they cannot have the same economic rights as men, I think all good names are empty words. Don't say that women are not British things. They sing on the wall of the dragon spring every night. The two most valuable qualities of women are the ability to distinguish good from evil and the sense of shame. Only as mothers, as chaste and honest housewives, can women really deserve people's worship. Women's names are not weak, women's names are strong! No matter what kind of men can't resist it. Women are respected because she brings light to the family. Special recommendation: (61 children's Day SMS)