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Children's Day

children's Day is a long series of footprints, which, though long, still feel clear. Childhood is a long-distance train. Although it is far away, it is still fascinating. Children's day, I wish you a happy childhood! On June 1, you must blow some naive cowhide, eat some nutritious snacks, sing tuneless songs, and then greet a lovely friend. I wish TA a happy holiday, a candy and tears; A story, coax you to sleep; If wronged, flat mouth and runny nose; If it's uncomfortable, make a small fuss all the time. When June day comes, baby should always smile. June day is coming. I hope baby is happy like a small teapot every day. Although his little ass is burning hot, he still blows a happy whistle, braves happy bubbles and is happy! On the banyan tree by the pond, cicadas are calling for summer; On the swing beside the playground, only butterflies stop on it; The songs of childhood still echo in our ears, but childhood is far away from us. I hope the happiness of childhood will always be with you! Blessing words: birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. It is a good season with bright sunshine and pleasant flowers; Peony in full bloom, swallow flying, rose smiling Cherry ripe; Grand ideal, fighting spirit, high ambition and great cause; Young hearts bloom, singing and dancing celebrate June 1! Once a year, on the day when we wish all children in the world a happy children's day, let every adult return to childhood and live a happy children's day with the purest feelings and purest hearts! Happy holidays! Today is children's day. Don't play with your mobile phone today. Don't receive text messages if you play. Don't read this message if you receive it. Hey, you still read it. In addition to wishing you a happy holiday, I just want to say: why aren't you obedient? Childlike innocence is the beginning of life, childlike fun is the beginning of happiness, childlike voice is the beginning of blessing, childhood is the beginning of dream, childlike innocence is the beginning of success. I wish you a happy holiday on children's day, everything goes well and success is in sight. Life is simpler, dreams are more, thoughts are simpler, happiness is more, like children, cry if you want to cry, laugh if you want to laugh, be in a better mood, forget that you have grown up, be childish, have a happy children's day and a sweet smile! The teacher's Day SMS collection is held annually. On this day when we wish all children in the world a happy children's day, let every adult return to childhood and live a happy children's day with the purest feelings and purest hearts! Happy holidays! The busy gap adds a bit of mischief, the smart picture adds a stroke of foolishness, the pursuit of the field grows a give up, numb thinking leaves a little space for curiosity. On world children's day, I wish you happiness as much as children, and happiness comes as fast as the blink of an eye. No matter how high the income, happiness is good; No matter how high the position is, it's good to be safe; No matter how high the position is, health is good; No matter how old you are, just be happy. It's June day. Let's release our mood. Put away your worldliness, hide your maturity and find your childlike innocence. From June 1 to, the over aged children shake off the shackles of body and mind and announce to the world: happy waiting, I will come back! Welcome to take the 61 time shuttle to take you back to your carefree childhood. Before boarding, please remove all disguises, release all pressure, put on a childlike innocence full of curiosity, and wish you a pleasant journey. In view of your super tall body, overweight, no bed wetting for many years, going to bed early at night, knowing to laugh every day, you are very clever by nature, and your childlike innocence is not old yet. You are awarded the title of super aged good child on June 1! Butterflies fly in the sky and children chase happily; Fish swim in the river and children play happily. Innocent, happy, carefree and calm. On June 1 children's day, light of heart from care for all children. More beautiful childhood, more happiness and less trouble; Childhood is more beautiful, more fun and less sorrow; Childhood is more beautiful, gifts are more, and money is less. Ha ha, childhood is good! Even memories are so beautiful! I wish you a happy children's day. Think of you wearing a miniskirt, want to learn the happy dance of white swan, but you can't stand on tiptoe. Many years have passed. Your loveliness is still the same, my friend. Today's children's day. May you be happy, bored and annoyed! Listen to your mother, you never peed in bed when you were a child. You are a typical good child. How can such a glorious thing be buried? Let me teach you how to carry forward. Go to the street, find an aunt and say to her, 'aunt, I'm so good. I didn't wet my bed & hellip& hellip;' Ha ha, happy children's day. Children's Day is coming. On behalf of the leaders, I would like to express my deepest greetings to all the children fighting in the chat line! And I hope you will firmly remember what I taught you: surf the Internet and be online every day! Happy children's Day!