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The caring messages of chasing girls are sincere with thousands of blessings

The caring messages of chasing girls are sincere with thousands of blessings I will care and sincerity plus my blessing in the information sent to the moon, and then around the moon to absorb the warmth of the moon essence, quietly sent to your mobile phone, to bring sincere wishes and greetings, wish you a happy life! Please don't use a ruler to measure and measure. My sincere friendship, please use your heart to feel. In the future, no matter where you go, please take my blessing with you & hellip& hellip; I hope you can have a sunny mood every day! An unswerving friendship, with thousands of blessings, to the friends I miss, ask Hou in a warm voice how long the flowers are, the moon is always round and people are always healthy! A deep yearning and a string of honey blessings are sent to you who are closest to you. May the best things in the world always be with you. Every tiny thing can bring you sweet feelings and infinite happiness. Give this' overweight 'blessing to your most special friends. If life is short, live well! If you are lonely, then fall in love! If you cheat your lover, turn yourself in! If you offend your lover, coax it! If you receive a message, smile! Money is not enough in your life. Only health is your wealth in your life! When you go out on business, please pay attention to SARS prevention, wear masks, drink more water and eat more vitamins. May good people live a safe life. The pig asked his mother where happiness was, and his mother said that happiness was on his tail. So the little pig began to bite his little tail with his mouth. His mother smiled and said, 'child, as long as you keep moving forward, happiness will always follow you!' Good, you need to take medicine to have sugar ban, you need injections to have toys, if you don't do anything & hellip& hellip; Then let me take these things for you*^ o^* I wish you new success with keen wisdom in the years to come. My kindness, please, is all up to you. You are happy, so I am happy. I wish you happy every day, happy to care about your friends' messages Sweet ringing tones, caring messages, flirtatious flowers are all limited by time. Only my blessing is eternal. May warmth, joy and happiness & hellip& hellip; Like a fragrant flower, it overflows in your happy time! The most difficult thing in the world is emotion, the most difficult thing to ask for is love, the most difficult thing to return, the most difficult thing is friendship, the most difficult to distinguish family affection, the most difficult thing to find is true love, and what you want to see most is your smiling expression! At the foot of Songshan Mountain, the cold moon is accompanied by a clear flute. The festival day is approaching. I vaguely feel like leaving my hometown. I have a drink to send worries. My heart has nothing to rely on. I feel tears and boldly return to my hometown( Connect the first word of each sentence with different homophones) The most beautiful stars in the sky and the most beautiful feelings in the world are true feelings. The appearance leaves people an impression and the heart leaves people feelings. Cherish today and you will have tomorrow. May you laugh and sleep gently! Can forget a name, but can not forget a feeling; You can forget a face, but you can't forget a kind of missing. A greeting of friendship and a plain blessing are sent to you. May your career and love be happy! Greek legend: the blessings received within three weeks before Christmas will be realized within three months of the next year. I wish you a lot of money and a good harvest in your love career! Please send this message to three friends and your dream will come true! Love message An unswerving friendship, with thousands of sincere blessings, through the SMS of mobile phone friends, send warm greetings to the friends I miss. No matter how far away our distance is, the heart of caring for you will never change! The moon is round and the flowers are fragrant. I wish you better health; The fish are swimming and the birds are singing. I wish you laugh every day; Smoke in your hand and wine in your cup. Good luck every day; More joy and less sorrow. May your tomorrow be better. In fact, the sky is very blue, and the clouds will eventually disperse; In fact, the sea is not wide, this shore connects the other shore; In fact, tears are also sweet, when your heart does what you want; In fact, life is beautiful, as long as you are optimistic; In fact, I want you to be happy every day! It's changing today. Be careful to catch a cold; Pay attention to your body and eat delicious food; Add clothes in cool days and eat less popsicles; Eat well, sleep well, and have a great body! Trickling streams are not blocked by stones, and deep friendship is not sparse because of distance. You are always at the top of my friendship list, and the market is still bullish. How are you? I bless you from afar. I just want to add a little encouragement to your ideals and hopes, and give you a little strength and hope when you are frustrated and tired in your life. Anyway, please don't forget you and my confidant. Meteors across the sky, I missed my wish; The waves beat on the rocks, and I missed the blessing; After telling the story again, I missed listening; There is only one time in life. I'm glad I didn't miss you!