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Sweet words between lovers: watch sweet love with happiness

sweet words between lovers: watch sweet love with happiness Decorate the wonderful time with romance, wrap the beautiful life with sweetness, watch the sweet love with happiness, and pour out the oath of true love with sincerity: dear, love you all your life and never separate! The wine of life is blended with sweetness; The road of life is paved with romance; Every bit of life is integrated with true feelings; Days of happiness, brewing with true love; The oath of love, expressed with sincerity: dear, I love you! I use sincerity to interpret love, I use sincerity to interpret love, I use sincerity to treat feelings, I use my life to create the true meaning of love, dear, I love you, and I am willing to go through life with you and never separate! Love message Continuous tenderness, only for you; Pieces of romance, just for you; Every drop of sweetness is brewing only for you; Deep love, only for you; Chi Chi's heart is only happy for you: dear, I love you! You are a ship, I am a sail. When you return to the harbor, wash away the dust, bloom a smiling face, and bring you into your arms. Sleep is sweet. I wish you happiness every day! Let the hope wing of thoughts carry happiness to the harbor of love and warmth! Don't go away for a year with you. You will meet each other in a hurry. The beautiful dance is like a dream. Acacia is endless. Everything is in silence; This year, I still look at the red flowers, go through the time, think about the rest of my life, look back at the meteors, wish to be with the gods, love is still strong, and pray for blessings. Blessing words Hearts depend on each other and never regret. There is a kind of encounter called the most beautiful; Spring flowers, butterflies fly, there is a kind of missing called intoxication; No sleep at night, tasteless food, there is a kind of pay called precious; Rain without hindrance, let the wind blow, the truth in the world is the most beautiful. Love does not move, love does not change, there is a kind of feeling that I miss you forever. May you be happy every day! The world changes with your company, the work is busy and pleasant, the journey is tired, the friends meet, the mood is lost, the wish to relax, the life is warm, the telephone and SMS contact is continuous, and the love is unlimited! Sweet time, flowing romance; Beautiful title page, full of tenderness; The space of the soul is full of true love; Happy hand in hand, please each other; Sincere oath, blurted out: love your life, never separate! Gentle feelings, intoxicated for you; The romance of films is for you; Little sweetness, brewing for you; Crazy love, persistent for you; The real heart beats for you. Love you all your life and never separate! The smile on your cheek is my whole heart. The tenderness between your eyebrows is my heartfelt expectation. On the road of life, we depend on each other. 60 years later, we still clasp our fingers. This is the long flowing love. Dear, I love you. Holding your hand, take you to taste the happiness of life and appreciate the sweetness of days; Hold your hand, take you through spring, summer, autumn and winter, and grow old slowly; Dear, I love you. I'd like to give you the most romantic appointment. I'll make an appointment with you! The flowers are as beautiful as your face; The rain is floating, just like your tenderness like water; Light wind bursts, is your considerate; Every moment I want to tell you: I really love you! Eagerly looking forward to, you are my deepest miss; Friendship is good, you are my endless concern; Deep feelings, you are my greatest blessing; Happy journey, you are my best gift; Health and happiness, you are my most beautiful wealth! The wind and rain have no love and the sky is full of love. Your love is the most important. The wind and rain will always stop. I will miss you. I send you a clockwork message. The wind and rain have stronger love, and the wind and rain send my wishes. I wish you a good mood every day! The rhyme goes around the beam, the song goes through the cold winter, and the earth flowers are bright and red all night; New rain sprinkles beautiful dreams, Acacia cuts spring breeze, and join hands with you. It is you who understand my love, my smile, my infatuation and my flowing thoughts. I am willing to walk with you!