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Love in the affectionate confession SMS Daquan, love you to the end of time

Love in the affectionate confession SMS Daquan, love you to the end of time There are still more important things in life, such as our meeting, the moment I fell in love with you when I first stared at you, is the most important thing in my life. Before I met you, my heart flowed like a brook; After meeting you, it's like a vast ocean with surging waves! It will never subside. I can't promise to love you until the end of time, but I can promise to love you until I swallow my last breath. I will let you touch this true love. How endless night, don't forget that I am an immortal flame around you, ignite every hope in your heart, and dance neon clothes for you all your life. Do you know that I am waiting for you? Love is a mouse here and a screen there; Love is the post office here and the mailbox there. You are all I have. I don't like the beautiful but illusory rainbow; I like you, you are so real, you are like a jumping stream, clear and see the bottom at a glance. When the sea withers and the rocks crumble, the passion is gone, your and my youth is gone, and my white hair shines in the wind. At least I will smile when I think of you! A previous life's agreement, keep this life's love, enjoy this rare love, and nurture the promise of renewal in the next life. You have no regrets! The helplessness of love breaks one's heart, and the approach of love makes one lose. Love torments the infatuated men and women in the world. Love is a strange thing. When you are away, you miss deeply, but when you are there, you bury your thoughts deeply, love deeply, pain thoroughly, but have no regrets. If there is a problem, just say it; If you have doubts, you might as well tell them; If you are confused, ask directly. Only when we are honest with each other can we be heart to heart. No matter how much the world changes, until the comet turns into smoke, we must find you and one day let love return to me. I can give up all over the world, but I don't want to lose your news. I will love you well, love you foolishly, and don't care about fairness and unfairness! The script I wrote for you, theme: signal; Protagonist: me and you; Stage: mobile phone screen; Scene: the night is beautiful. I think of you in the distance, thumb gently press out & hellip& hellip; May you feel this deep love. Valentine's Day SMS Always have a little wish, hidden in my heart! Wait for you to discover! At the last moment of my life, & hellip& hellip; I hope it can be your appearance! I like to write a long poem on the day of love, come to this beautiful heart sea every day, examine it line by line and paragraph by paragraph, and read every word related to you! Enjoy your happiness and happiness. My love falls into your sea and splashes a blue moonlight. My heart rippled slowly with the waves in the moon water. The ripples rise for you. With love, life will blossom, and this flower must have honey; With the moisture of love, life will have power and life will not dry up -- Congratulations, my friend, love is beautiful. Love with your heart! Happiness = having you, this is my love identity. I wonder if you think so. When loneliness is unbearable, light a cigarette and let the cigarette ring dissipate slowly. What you spit out is loneliness and what you swallow is tears. You have given me tenderness, tenderness like water, passion like fire, deep infatuation, pure love, infinite enthusiasm and true love. You are the lover of my dream! There is a rainbow in my eyes, which is your beautiful and kind heart; There is an emotion in my heart, that is missing you. You know I'm missing you? The love thread of love is thousands of strands, which are cut continuously and disorderly. Do you know, do you know, you are the biggest knot in my heart. When can you solve this knot for me? Amorous season, amorous rain, amorous people think of you. I can't sleep alone. I miss you. I miss you when I'm lonely. I don't know when I'll see you! Loving you is not my fault, but indulging in it is my fault; It doesn't matter if you don't like me. It's your fault if you don't say it!