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Funny valentine's Day Blessing SMS

funny valentine's Day SMS Thank you for knowing you in this life. I miss you so much. I'm sure you're the love of my life. My life is bleak without you. How much I need you, come back to me: RMB! Happy Valentine's Day! I will be very happy with you. You are my pistachio. Every time I approach you, I have a feeling of heart, and tonight is no exception. When I finally see you after waiting, I want to say loudly: I love your computer! Happy Valentine's Day! Miss you very much, but I'm sorry to call you. I'm afraid you're busy, you ignore me, and you think I'm harassed. I really want to contact you, but pig won't chat with me. I can only read text messages foolishly! Happy Valentine's Day! See? Are you in love? Think about it? Did you follow? Have you created opportunities for yourself? Want to confess? Stop thinking! Take advantage of the auspicious day of Tanabata to tell your true feelings! Yuelao will help! Without you, I'm lonely and can't see you. I'm very lost. I want to say I love you. I'm not qualified. How much I miss you is a little too much! I saw you and touched it hard -- south wind-- It's burnt! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day! You are very creative. Living is your courage. Ugliness is not your original intention. It's just that God has lost his temper. You should live bravely. Without you, who can set off the beauty of the world. Happy Valentine's Day! Your happiness, I will build; I'll make up for your confusion; Your greed, I will meet; I'll give in to your willfulness; I love you. I'm the one who makes me a pig farmer. Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is coming, warm reminder in advance: send some flowers and plants implicitly, run lively hand in hand, drink enough and eat, sing and dance enthusiastically, hug romantically, fall down at crazy night, and wind up timid text messages! Husband is a big tree, we must hold; Lover is grass, we must protect it. Plant a big tree and a piece of grass. Enjoy the cool under the big trees and walk birds on the grass. Harmonious society, green environmental protection, brothers and sisters, good Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is coming, I remind you to pay attention; Send some flowers and plants foolishly; A frivolous leader running about; The vulgar drink and eat; Boring dancing; A bold hug; Crazy on the spot; Timid send a text message to send the blessing. I miss you too much. I broke the telephone line, burned my mobile phone card, took out my wallet and took all my sleeping pills. Alas! But I still miss you. Blessing words Future husband, don't worry, I'm at home, not in the hotel( Shy) The furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but Valentine's day. A sister sent you a text message 'Tianjin, Anhui, Hunan and Jiangxi'. You said you were not interested in geography and turned off to sleep. The person I love has a master. The person who loves me is terrible. He is either bad in debauchery or abnormal in silence-- To Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is actually short. As soon as you pull and loosen your hand, a lover is gone. Howl ~? If you can't loosen your hand again, you'll become a wife. Howl ~? What is the most painful thing on Valentine's day, you know? What is the most painful thing on Valentine's day, you know? What is the most painful thing on Valentine's day, you know? It's' holding the little lover's hand in the street and holding someone else's hand when I meet my wife ' In the early morning of Valentine's day. I was very bored. I engraved a CD with the police car bell and put it all the way with the big stereo of the motorcycle. Pass by the gates of hotels one by one. Sin & middot& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot; In the morning, I got up for breakfast, went out and passed the hotel street. In an instant, a bloody smell came to my face -! Think about it, how fierce the war was last night... The blessing I am most afraid to receive now is' Happy Valentine's Day '. I want to ask, who am I going to be happy with? If your eyes blink, I will die. If your eyes blink again, I will come back to life. Your eyes keep blinking, so I will die and live! Happy Valentine's Day! Love is actually a kind of happiness and a kind of pain. Being with your lover is actually Valentine's day for lovers. If two lovers are far apart, it is also a kind of pain! Here I wish lovers all over the world get married! Days, because of the sun, so very blue; The ground is very green because of the spring rain; The sea is wide because of the wind; Heart is beautiful because of you! This Valentine's Day is more romantic because of your company! There is no desert in the world. Every time I think of you, God will drop a grain of sand and there will be Sahara from now on! There is no sea in this world, just because every time I miss you, God will drop a tear, so there is the Pacific Ocean. Concern is the deep concern of one heart for another. A wisp of Acacia, a kind of happiness and a warmth intoxicated their hearts and bloomed two heart flowers. Concern is an unforgettable miss, just like I've been waiting for a long time! Valentine's Day is coming. In order to reflect the local characteristics, I use Chinese elements to say to you in a Chinese style way: Standing Tree love, qixikuaile! I wish you happiness every day! When Valentine's Day is coming, on behalf of the Western Tathagata Guanyin, the queen mother of the Oriental Jade Emperor, the Milky Way Cowherd and weaver girl, the moon Chang'e, Wu Gang, I give the most sincere wishes to the comrades who are fighting on the front line of love: Happy Tanabata! On Valentine's day, a mm called him: 'come to my house, no one!' He ran away with excitement! Knocked on the door for more than an hour and found that there was really no one. Valentine's Day continues to be sweet for lovers, don't be discouraged for those without lovers, redouble your efforts with goals, continue to look for those without goals, think of a romantic candlelight dinner, and want to get together under the moon. Yuelao sends you a low-key message and keeps it confidential! Valentine's day's most perfect message: the person who receives it will never break up, will always be the lover's favorite, the trouble will not come close to you, the smile is always on the corner of your mouth, so cherish this message Oh, may my blessing always be by your side xinle8! Years pass by in a hurry, memories increase day by day, wind and rain often attack, I miss you constantly, friend, how are you in a foreign land? Tanabata is coming. May you be single and become double. Happy Valentine's Day! Pigs are raised at home. Those born in the mountains are called wild boars. Those who read this information are stupid pigs. If they are laughing at stupid pigs and angry fat pigs, those who ignore me are dead pigs, and those who don't reply are not even as good as pigs. Happy Valentine's Day! Build a magpie bridge for you with blessings, which is not dedicated to Cowherd and weaver girl, but a love magic treasure created for you. As long as you receive this message around Tanabata, you will often have good luck and get better popularity! Happy Valentine's Day! I see the vicissitudes of life between your eyebrows, I see self-confidence in your eyes, I see the years on your forehead, and I see leeks between your lips and teeth. Go and brush your teeth! Happy Valentine's Day! On the journey of our friendship, sometimes you can't see me by your side. It's not that I forget you, or let you walk alone. It's that I choose to walk behind you. When you accidentally fall, I run up & hellip; Step on your feet. Happy Valentine's Day! Please stretch out your loving hand and receive my Yingying blessing; Let happiness bloom brilliant roses and welcome our common Valentine's day. I wish you a bright spring on Valentine's Day! Funny blessing SMS Love is fate, love is moving, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifetime commitment. Your name is my only word in the 'quotation of love', and you are also my only flight in the 'ocean of love'! Let's take this flight with you and me for a romantic and happy Valentine's Day! Tenderness is like water, and the season is like a dream. Can you bear to take care of the magpie bridge? If the two feelings last for a long time, will they be day and night. Happy birthday! Valentine's day happy! Park your heart in the harbor where colorful clouds rise, secretly engrave happiness in your heart, and bind you and me tightly at the end of the changes of years with a thread of love. Happy Valentine's Day! I really want to be your mobile phone, put it in your arms, hold it in your hands, see it in your eyes and keep it in your heart! If God let me make three wishes, my first one is to be with you in this life; The second is to be reborn with you; The third is that Sansheng III is no longer separated from you. Life is bound to grow old, but I will always remember the good times and warm years with you. On the way of life, I wish you a bright mood and a long future. If I were a billionaire, I would buy roses all over the world for you. Am I rich? No, so I can only send a text message to bless you: friends, Happy Valentine's day. Quitting smoking is easy, but quitting you is too difficult. When the virus of love came quietly, when you put the first kiss downloaded from my heart into the recycle bin, I decided to lower the love and format the memory. Do you know my heart is crying?