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Spring Festival greetings for the year of the monkey, classic 2016 New Year greetings

spring festival greetings for the year of the monkey, classic 2016 New Year greetings If the Spring Festival is good, remember the following points: drink slowly, eat slowly, think about rest, sleep more, take care of health, exercise more frequently, remember my instructions, I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a smile more. On the first day of the new year, I pray to the Almighty God for the best blessing for you: you will have a great body, full of money, a lot of happiness, a sunny mood every day, carefree like a baby, pretty every day, happy all the time, lucky all the time, and never lonely! Happy Dragon Year! A string of firecrackers bloom happily, lanterns are filled with festivity, family reunion, lively laughter, and blessings are filled with true feelings. On the first day of the new year, I wish you every success and happiness! On the first day of the new year, may you make a fortune in the year of the monkey with one heart and one mind, work with one stone and kill two birds with one stone, keep your home spotless and dress well! A warm wish for a happy New Year! The new year opens new hopes, new gaps and new dreams. Brush away the dust of years, and let laughter and tears, love and sadness condense into a thick crystal amber in your heart. Happy New Year! New Year Blessing SMS Thousands of miles away, I stood by the secluded windowsill and looked at the past through the atmosphere of the new year. Time has solidified, and you are the bright spot in the scenery. I write blessings on this painting with my heart. When the Spring Festival comes, wonderful programs are staged one after another: singing is not singing, but the spread of express delivery; Dancing is not dancing, but the spread of joy; It's not a sketch, it's the voice of blessing. I wish you a happy Spring Festival! In the new year, I am determined to do three major things for the people of the whole country: 1. Build an elevator for Mount Everest; 2。 Tile the great wall; 3。 Reverse gear the aircraft; Do three small things: 1. Put gloves on flies; 2。 Wear masks for mosquitoes; 3。 Feed you. Greedy cat greedy cat don't worry, happy new year, ha ha, Laba porridge, drink your stomach, sugar melon. Sweep the house, freeze tofu, buy meat, kill roosters, send noodles, steam steamed bread, survive New Year's Eve, send SMS blessings to the New Year! If you will laugh happily in your dream, I told the moon to send you my blessing: happy new year, my friend! The new year is coming. I wish you all the best; Work hard and succeed in your career; One capital, ten thousand profits, eight parties to wealth; Life is safe and healthy; Kill two birds with one stone and achieve both good fortune and good fortune; A lifetime of happiness! The new year, a new starting point, starts from the first day of the new year: insist and abandon, design the road to go and plan the dream to do; Treat people around you sincerely, without hypocrisy or deception; Do everything in a down-to-earth manner, do not shrink back or advance rashly; In the face of frustration, he dares to take responsibility, is good at summarizing, is diligent in thinking and aspires to high goals. May you achieve a beautiful new year, the year of the monkey. On the first day of the new year, in this day of universal celebration, I wish friends: happiness all day long, happiness remains the same, luck continues as before, wishful thinking comes down in one continuous line, and the career is smooth! At the beginning of the new year, I wish good things to be followed by 2 consecutive 3. I feel like spring in 4 seasons. Life is 5 colors, 6 colors and 7 colors. Occasionally, I have a small fortune at 8 o'clock, and my troubles are thrown out of the clouds! Please accept my 10 heart 10 meaning blessing. Happy New Year of the monkey! When a glass of wine is dry, friends are the companions of those years. When a glass of wine is dry, friends are the obstacles of these years. When a glass of wine is dry, friends are the years we have to go in the future. Send blessings by SMS. May our friendship last forever. Paint a layer of gold, dance out your bright future, a layer of silver, dance out your health gospel, dance your new year's hope, dance your new year's dream, dance the lion, I wish you happiness all the time and everything. There are not so many first, so we should strive for it. There are not so many unique ones, so we should maintain it with our heart. There is not so much specificity, so we need more beauty. On the first day of the new year, friends and happiness. Special recommendation: (New Year's Day SMS)