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SMS for new year and Spring Festival blessings to girlfriend: sweet smile for the new year

SMS for new year and spring festival greetings to girlfriend: sweet smile over the new year Dear, you are really beautiful today. There are some golden lace on your dazzling red clothes. I can't help it. It seems to take it off. Only in this way can I see inside. Forgive me for tearing you apart. My favorite -- he Suili is. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you and your family happiness, good health, Lechi Qianlima and a higher level! When the new year comes, I think there's nothing for you. I don't intend to give you too much. I only give you 50 million: 10 million happiness! Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Don't forget me! Love message May all good dreams snuggle up to you, sleep is sweet, wake up and come true! May all fortune envelop you! Sunrise meets expensive, sunset sees wealth! May all the lucky stars take care of you! Always auspicious! Peace at all times! Big wealth, small wealth and unexpected wealth are the most abundant on the fifth day of the first month; Get rich, get rich and make a big fortune. Today you are a local rich man; Raise wealth, save wealth, add wealth, and send you Wanguan wealth. On the fifth day of the first month, God of wealth, congratulations on getting rich! Happy New Year! Although new year's greetings have filled your mobile phone, although these four words are not enough to express my excitement, and although such simple words are common, I still can't help saying to you: Happy New Year! Throughout the year, the new year is the center, and thousands of families are happy; There are many friends, you are the most intimate, and you are always happy; There are many SMS messages. Blessings are the focus. Send messages to express your heart: I wish you a happy new year and happy every day! Blessing SMS Spring Festival Recipes: Vegetables' commander 'must be present, fruits' company commander' should report, meat 'chief of general staff' can't engage in 'hegemony', wine 'squad leader' can't 'do whatever you want', and tobacco 'major general' can't be too 'arrogant'. I hope all your 'food soldiers' will keep their own' and promote healthy 'Generals' to you in the Spring Festival! Spring Festival holiday, happy home, happy, I hope you remember: don't be greedy for food, wine, fun at night and bed in the morning. I wish you a happy and healthy new year! The Spring Festival travel is tired. The best way to relieve fatigue is to take a hot bath. It's best to refresh yourself in 20 minutes. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed, go to sleep, massage and beat your limbs, relax your muscles, and send warm tips. I wish you a happy holiday! Although the winter is warm, the dead leaves fall into the idle courtyard. The withering grass scattered according to the wall and the sunset, scattering a clear light on the ground. Steal seven minutes in winter and three minutes in annual leave. The setting sun is always too short on New Year's Eve. Write a poem as a souvenir for you! Happy new year, it's silly to receive benefits; I can't live without a handsome man, and I can't live without a beautiful woman; Happy new year, happy new year, don't worry about spending money; Like everything, give money and make people laugh. I want to properly prepare the blessings. On the coming New Year's Eve, the purity of the sky can not dilute the strong enthusiasm. How can the celebration of firecrackers express the mood of missing you? Happy New Year's Eve! Time is in a hurry, time goes by, and there is no shadow. At the end of each year, my heart hurts and I feel like a wandering son's hometown. Lights, wine and green began to be strange, shy and cold. The new year is getting empty. Let's encourage the Spring Festival to make a good start! Welcome to the Spring Festival holiday hotel, which is a super seven-star family apartment with advanced facilities and warm atmosphere. 300-400 million families across the country have been franchised and can stay free of charge. Welcome home and wish you a happy Spring Festival holiday! hold it! You have been surrounded by blessings. Immediately put down your troubles, surrender to happiness, confiscate your sorrow, sentence you to happiness for 10000 years, and exile to happy island, supervised and implemented by happiness. I wish you in the new year: your career is at noon, your body is as strong as a tiger, your money is countless, your work is not hard, your leisure is like a mouse, romance is like music score, and happiness -- it's up to you. Friend, when you remember me, it is also the deepest moment when I miss you. In this missing day, I want to ask you how are you recently? Happy? I wish you a happy New Year! The stars are dotted and the night is quiet. I send my most sincere wishes on your way home. I wish you a pleasant journey and a happy new year. You don't need any valuable gifts or solemn vows. I just need you a sweet smile as my most precious gift for the new year. Please take a second to forget your troubles, a minute to think about the new year, an hour to spend with the people you like, and then when the old and the new alternate, use a smile to receive the blessings I passed to you in advance! When the Spring Festival comes, big fish and meat 'tempt' you and hurt your intestines and stomach; Good smoke and good wine 'lure' you and make your liver heavy; Warm tips for the Spring Festival: eat more fruits and vegetables to hit the 'temptation', and an appropriate amount of tobacco and alcohol to reduce the 'burden' on the liver. I wish you good health, peace, happiness and happiness during the Spring Festival. The festive firecrackers are registered in happy street, the peaceful couplets are landed in Meiman lane, the red lanterns are pasted in the happiness house, the laughter is saved in the Ruyi courtyard, the Golden Snake is filled with reunion wine, and wishes to sing the song of harmony. Happy Spring Festival. [ I wish] good luck and firecrackers, and a happy year for [you] and all of us[ The spring wind is full of happiness, and the gongs and drums are blowing on the [Festival] day[ Happy] happy MMS blessing, happy] Yan Changhuai sails[ The horse and lion are festive and healthy[ Wish you a happy Spring Festival]