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A collection of Spring Festival greetings for the year of the monkey in 2016 - Classic

A collection of Spring Festival greetings for the year of the monkey in 2016 - Classic Fan Wenyi: 《 New year's greetings for the year of the monkey in 2016 Thousands of families always exchange new peaches for old ones. In, like a lovely child, a curtain of open time rushed into our life, bringing the warm breath of spring into our families, units and around us. Put on fashionable flower clothes for Nian, and let the spring burst with the sound of popular explosion. We and Nian welcome the new scene of bumper grain, six livestock prosperity and renewal. Magpies chirp on the old trees in the countryside, lanterns are red on the streets in the city, and the melody of spring plays "to, pull, less & hellip& hellip;', The carnival of the festival jumped 'pengpengcha', Nian blushed, Nian's heart flew, the footsteps of spring were close, and Chun's body was graceful. Years have shortened the distance of our growth, red our happy life, let us intercept the fragments of the four seasons, and give us Zen thoughts of life. New weather in spring, new mood in the year of the tiger. We wish you good mood and health forever. In 2004, when you accompanied us, it was your concern that made us think often and your opinions that prompted us to keep forging ahead. While making achievements, we also saw deficiencies. In the new year, we will do better, Make you more satisfied. We also give our most sincere wishes to ourselves: the plan of the year lies in spring. If we have a good start, we will have good development. We will pay attention to the developing hometown, country and mankind in happiness & hellip& hellip; We will also taste the ups and downs of the times in happiness. Our sincere wishes are also sent to our country: in the past year, our motherland has more rainbow days than wind and rain. Every move has fixed our attention. With the advent of spring, the national plan is being formulated and implemented. As a tool of public opinion and the mouthpiece of the people, we will drum for development, shout for progress and strive for equality! Our elders have experienced a lot of hard work in the past stormy years, and the vicissitudes have consumed too much of their emotions. We also give them our most sincere wishes: it's time for you to have a rest in the coming years. Please accept the wishes of the young people and wish you to enjoy the happiness of your family in an environment of national peace and social tranquility & hellip& hellip; Blessings are endless, words are endless. There are also our brothers and sisters, friends, colleagues and lovers. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you to take advantage of the spring breeze, raise your ideals and glorify your life! Every year there is a new year to pass, and every year there are endless words of blessing. Year is the gas station for us to fight hard, year is the baton for us to run, year can give birth to our love, year can also increase our rings, year is the song of ice skating and the wind of career dancing. The war drums are sounded in spring and the horn is sounded in! We write our wishes today, listen to the whistle of our career and rush on the runway tomorrow with our motherland! No matter how much sweat we can shed, we are not afraid to shed a lot of blood. Today we engrave the ideal of life. We will always say goodbye to laziness and laxity! Spring returns to the earth and everything is renewed! Spring is waving, friends, let's wish each other! Every year is better and better. Model 2: 2016 monkey spring festival congratulation (company version) All staff: Happy New Year! The east wind is mighty and the eyes are full of spring. The situation in the new year is gratifying and exciting. We must put pressure on ourselves, work hard and forge ahead strongly. Let's continue to carry forward the team spirit of striving for strength, pragmatic innovation and reaching new heights, promote all work to new heights, win new victories in enriching the people and strengthening the city and leapfrog development, and make great strides towards the grand goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the "two pioneers"! On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, we extend new year's best wishes to the people of the whole city! I would like to extend new year's greetings and heartfelt thanks to all businessmen at home and abroad who have invested in our city, and to all leaders at all levels and friends who care about and support the construction and development of our city! The golden tiger leaves the old family and the jade rabbit welcomes the New Year! The pace of 2016 is fading away, and the bell of 2016 has sounded all over the world. At this festive moment of farewell to the old and welcome the new, on behalf of Mr. Qiu qiguang, chairman of qiguang group and in my own name, I would like to extend sincere greetings, new year's wishes and good wishes to all employees of Zhuhai Fumao company! In 2016, under the correct guidance of various development concepts and objectives of the group company, all members of Zhuhai Fumao company were united, cooperative, tenacious, pragmatic and innovative. A total of 107 projects were completed throughout the year, with an output of about 9118 tons. Among them, the average passing rate of annual one-time letter delivery of the small parts team of the production department reached more than 97%. Firstly, we strengthened the construction of the enterprise staff team, trained a production team with excellent technology and dare to fight a hard battle. Facing all kinds of tests, everyone carried forward the spirit of being especially able to bear hardships and fight, The second is to strengthen the management of the work responsibilities of each department, implement the responsibility system of each department director, clarify the work responsibilities of each department, and deepen the supervision of various systems of the enterprise. This high fighting spirit and great work enthusiasm reflect our good corporate spirit, contribute to the successful completion of various work tasks of the company, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of the brand of the group company. While summing up our achievements, we have also clearly realized our difficulties and deficiencies, such as the inadequate implementation of various systems of the company, the insufficient execution of departments, the insufficient supervision and inspection of responsible persons, and the lack of plans and summaries. These problems need to be solved urgently. In 2016, we will earnestly complete the annual production target of 14400 tons issued by the group, ensure that other data and indicators are completed and meet the standards, accelerate the pace of enterprise system construction, implement all-round coordination and implementation in multiple links such as quality, safety, service, benefit and saving, improve technological innovation ability and enhance enterprise competitiveness, Strengthen talent cultivation, further enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and execution of the company's employees, meet opportunities and challenges. ' The mighty pass is like an iron, and now we are moving from the beginning. Let's work hand in hand, work together in the same boat, unite as one, summon up our energy and forge ahead towards higher and further goals. Finally: I wish the development of the group to a higher level! I wish all employees in the new year: Vigorous career, good health, happy life, happiness and well-being! Fan wen3: New year's greetings for the year of the monkey in 2016 (government version) Bless the year of the monkey, bless the year of the monkey! The sound of the horse's hooves is getting farther and farther away, and the spring of the year of the monkey comes quietly. When the Spring Festival, the most solemn and festive traditional festival of the Chinese nation, comes, people's mood will become more and more comfortable with the festivity of the festival, the change of seasons and the warming of the climate. At this moment, all over the motherland, at home and abroad, Chinese compatriots are saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new year and congratulating the new year. First say the auspicious year of the monkey. In China's long-standing culture and profound ancient sayings, the word "auspicious" that people expect comes from the homophony of "auspicious sheep". The ancients said, 'auspicious things are good things; Auspicious, the sign of Jiaqing '. Over the past 50 years since the founding of new China, especially over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, the Chinese people, who have experienced wars and hardships, have caught up, raised their eyebrows and got rid of the poor hat of weakness, poverty, ignorance and backwardness. According to the latest statistics, China's GDP has exceeded 100 billion yuan, the total economic output ranks sixth in the world, and the output of many important industrial and agricultural products has leapt to the forefront of the world. Looking back on the past year of the monkey, the land of China has unique scenery and great events; I wish the coming year of the monkey good luck, national peace and security, and a higher level. Again, the year of the monkey is clean. Nian Guan, also known as Lian Guan. The year of the monkey is the first year to implement the proposal of the 16th National Congress to build a well-off society in an all-round way and create a new situation in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In particular, leading cadres need to work hard, be honest, be alert to danger in times of peace and make selfless contributions. When the Tang Empire was in its heyday, Wei Zheng put forward in the ten thoughts of Emperor Taizong: "do not think about danger in times of peace, avoid extravagance and use thrift, cut down roots and seek luxuriance, plug the source and want to grow." These treacherous and loyal advice have been enlightening so far, which is worth revisiting by our leading cadres at all levels in the year of the monkey, and even bearing in mind forever. Three ways and one sound, monkey year civilization. Civilization is a word with rich connotation and a fascinating goal. The 16th National Congress clearly put forward: "constantly promote the coordinated development of socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization, and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Developing socialist democratic politics and building socialist political civilization is an important goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. " Civilization should be fully embodied not only in material and spiritual, but also in politics. " The "Three Civilizations" should be carried out simultaneously, raised and grasped together, which is an important theoretical innovation of the 16th National Congress in keeping with the times in accordance with the requirements of the "Three Represents". I hope that in the year of the monkey, our country will work together, be realistic and pragmatic, and open up a new situation with a new style and new measures. The last sound is the warmth of the year of the monkey. " I hope all human beings are full and warm 'and' it is auspicious for the people not to be hungry and cold '. This is a virtue advocated and adhered to by the Chinese nation since ancient times. At this happy moment of the Spring Festival, we must not forget that there are more than 30 million peasant brothers in the vast rural areas who have not completely extricated themselves from poverty and become rich and have enough to eat and wear; In prosperous cities, there are also tens of millions of laid-off workers who have difficulties in living, lack food and clothing. " The "human" structure is one skimming and one pressing, supporting each other. Give warmth to others and warm yourself. May every one of us who lives in happiness, especially leading cadres at all levels, always think about the misfortunes of some brothers and compatriots, lend a helping hand and give a piece of love, so that every difficult family and every difficult people can truly feel the warmth of the big family of the socialist motherland and the big family of national brotherhood. Classic blessing for the year of the monkey Sow the seeds of diligence and harvest the happy year of the monkey; Sing happy songs and celebrate the auspicious year of the monkey; Raise the sail of dreams and usher in the successful year of the monkey; The year of the monkey is coming. May you be happy every day! When the year of the monkey comes, happy sheep and lucky sheep like it. It is difficult to touch the sheep horn row, and the difficulties and obstacles will be swept away. Indomitable spirit sheep, seize the victory and pursue the bright future. Business is booming, reaching three rivers, and sheep are making money all over the world. May the year of the monkey be a year of glory, wealth, Yang Qi, fortune, longevity, health and power! The year of the monkey should have the docile character of sheep, harmony and unity. The goat's spirit of marching forward bravely and climbing the peak. The ram drives the enemy and protects the group. He is brave, good at fighting and heroic. The lamb sucks its milk and kneels down to its mother to express gratitude. May you be healthy and happy in the year of the monkey, like a sheep, happy every day! The song is floating with the celebration of the year of the monkey, the red candle is swaying with a happy mood, the reunion indicates a happy scene, and the snowflakes are waiting for the peace of the year of the monkey. The year of the monkey is coming. May you achieve a win-win situation in your love career. When the sheep run on the road of peace, when the glow spreads in the clear sky, and when the song floats beside the door of happiness, I have already put the truth