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A friend like pollen is a blessing for promotion

love is passing, and love should not go around in the same place! Strong love should be expressed, and deep love can not stop! The good news of a friend's promotion is like a warm wind that warms the hearts of those around him who care about him! When you hear the news of his promotion, you can make a blessing call and send a greeting message to make your relationship more 'complete'. How to say that a friend's promotion will make his face full of spring! After all, promotion is a blessing. In the transmission of friendship at the same time, let the wish spread as far as pollen!

Friends like pollen are promoted, blessing words are more lasting

1. There are countless pleasures in life. The happiest thing is to count the promotion of an official, the promotion, the salary and the bonus. All the employees are lucky, safe and healthy, happy and auspicious. I wish all the best for the promotion!

2. One or two days for promotion, three or four days for happiness, five or six or seven days for blessing, eight or nine days for happiness. Pepsi Cola is in a good mood. It's good luck every day. It's very pleasant. It's been going well for hundreds of millions of years. I wish you good luck in your promotion for a long time.

3. Four happenings in life: when the title of the gold list is inscribed, there is a night of flowers and candles in the cave, when there is a long drought, there is a rain, when there is a hometown, there is an old knowledge. I'd like to add another happiness: "when I'm promoted, I'll be rewarded by heaven. Congratulations on my promotion! I wish you a happy life!"!

4. I wish you the best of luck, lots of bonus, happiness, success, safety, health, luck, fortune, dream come true, everything goes well and climb the peak.

5. When people are happy, they are fresh in spirit, happy in the spring and bright in the red. When they are promoted to a higher position, they are envied. When their abilities break out, they are unstoppable. When they put on the auspicious clouds, they will continue to make brilliant achievements. I wish you good luck and boundless future.

6. I wish you good luck, promotion and salary increase recently. Don't be proud of your career. Be a good example and be more diligent. Next year, you can go to Qingyun again. Your life will be happy and smooth!

7. When I am promoted, I will be happy to put on the table and hide my troubles; when I am happy, I will have a drink of difficulties; when I write about the future, I will work together. Friends, we share weal and woe, happiness and honor must be behind hard work. I wish you good luck in your career.