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13 words of warning and sentimental wishes for graduation season youth will never end

I don't care if I don't want your tears. Look at your tears I also want to turn around to see! The rush time of the University at this time drew a full stop. We are both returning with full load and resetting. Then at the moment of parting, our pain inevitably surged to our hearts! These sad blessings of graduation season not let us see and feel sad, but let us recall and move after watching! Because such blessings of graduation season give you a new start of vigilance! Thank you for these blessings of graduation season read by, they let your heart return to reality!

Warning and sentimental graduation season greetings

1. In the past, I came to think of many things, but now I'm gone, and willows depend on me.

2. The south wind blows gently again, the time of meeting is in a hurry.

3. Dear friends, please don't be sad, and cherish each other after parting.

4. Bloom the most gorgeous smile, give tomorrow a more beautiful dream.

5. My dear friend, please shake hands and run to the West and East respectively from now on.

6. Don't be melancholy under Liuyin. My classmates have been feeling long for several years. I hope to travel thousands of thoughts, and I hope friendship can be turned into the power of striving!

7. My friends, we're going to be separated for a while; I won't say anything more about 'cherish'. In the night before he left, he made efforts to forge a few small morning stars, which, though not bright enough, could make the early traveller happy.

8. Can you give me a handkerchief? Let my heart float a sail.

9. It's time to start. Let's go. There's no need to feel sorry or say goodbye. Even if the song is gradually silent, our hearts will never stop beating.

If I could, I would like to rub everything in my heart into today's difference. But I can't! Then, let's break up in silence! You know, it's the silence of a volcano, it's better than anything else!

11. To meet and say goodbye, to sail and to leave, is not only the end of past happiness, but also the beginning of future happiness.

12. In the face of the feast put down by the years, we smile and courteously persuade each other to drink, as if all the unspoken love and unshakable are collected behind the sentence. Because we all know that there is no more mellow and beautiful wine in our hands.

13. Finally, you have to go. It's said that you have to go far and far to read a book about far and far. I'm not surprised, because you should be.