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I don't know what blessing words to say on white valentine's Day: reading channel of makes

don't be confused on white valentine's day, don't say what you should say, don't say that people think you don't care about him or her! The blessings arranged by the reading channel of for those friends who are confused and don't know what to say on white valentine's Day! After reading these blessings on white lover's day, you will no longer be confused and don't know what to say!

Blessings for friends who are confused and don't know what to say on white valentine's Day

1. Your happiness I want to remember, your happiness I care about the most, your health I am the most satisfied, your regret I make up, your fatigue I know, your message to me, I have you in my life, I am the most satisfied! Happy white valentine's Day!

2. Love is a single choice question, and my only correct answer is you; love is a reading comprehension, and my only inductive topic is you; love is a blank filling question, and my only writing is you; love is a judgment question, and my only hook is you. 3.14 White Valentine's day, you are my nearest distance, you are my most beautiful scenery, love your life, sweet and warm!

3. You are my spring rain, let the happiness rise day by day. You are my spring breeze, sweet fragrance enchanting. You are my health clock, reporting safety all the time. You are my happy treetop, holding up the beauty of the four seasons. Dear, love you is the footnotes of my life. Happy white valentine's day.

4. When the wind rises and the water rises, you come with the fragrance of flowers. You are as white as a swan. You stretch out your wings of love. Your eyes are like pearls on lotus leaves. They glow with charming luster. On white valentine's day, you come like a goddess. My world is beautiful because of you.

5. The ups and downs of life, the separation and cooperation of besieged cities, lovesickness and love for each other, together crying and joy, wish the world a happy white valentine's Day!

6. The melody is not so easy. Every melody has its track. Even if there is no beat in the melody, I really give my whole heart! Dear, I hope you accept my running tune love song and wish you a happy white valentine's Day!

7. The mood of watching stars on the fence is surging, the moon shadow overlaps the flowers happily, the wind drives the willows to dance lightly, people are intoxicated with the fragrance of flowers in a strong mood, the trivial things are more joyful, and the feelings are unforgettable. A blessing to light up your mood, white valentine's day happy, happy and sweet in the heart!

8. The white snowflakes set off our fiery love, the white clouds float out our energetic love, the white milk sets off our pure love, and the white cotton renders our warm love. White Valentine's day, send you beautiful flowers, a symbol of you and me beautiful, pure, faithful love.

9. Love becomes strong and romantic at this moment; love becomes lingering and true at this moment; heartbeat becomes strong and surging at this moment. White Valentine's day, let my love escort you, let my love accompany you to the old!