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Mourning: do you dare to shout out the single blessing words that need to be shouted out on Singles

It's singles day, but you're still alone! How can you really let slogans shout out in this special period of time when you have the courage to tell off the single plan? has put the corresponding words for those who have the courage to tell off the single plan. As long as you dare to shout out, you're a big step ahead of the single road! Let's go Let's shout out our blessings!

The blessings to be shouted out on Singles Day

1. Ask what love is in the world, a cavity of true love is light. Eat the rice of bachelor, walk the road of bachelor, and be willing to serve love at home. Love you forever. Degree, intentionally contact quickly. I'm looking forward to crossing the river with you on singles day.

2. Where there is sun, there is warmth; where there is moon, there is gentleness; where there is computer, there is entertainment; where there is mobile phone, I will accompany. Singles Day is not lonely, I have been with you around. Happy singles day.

3. Not every flower is easy to bloom, not everything is easy to do well, so it's not easy to understand you without your other half. Little bachelor, I wish you have my greetings and not alone. I wish next year's singles day will not be alone.

4. Love you more than two or three days, not a little. Since I fell in love with you, I'm not used to wandering alone or wandering the streets alone. Singles Day is coming. I sincerely hope to join hands with you to take off the light.

5. The most beautiful thing in the world is not a dream, but a memory of your existence. The most romantic thing in the world is not 'I love you', but I wait for you. The happiest thing in the world is not to hold your hand, but to hold you by my side on singles day.