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Halloween greetings are a little new. Not terrible. You can count 70 words of Halloween greetings

Halloween wishes should be new. What kind of blessing is to give each other's true feelings. But whether we want to have a breakthrough in the format will also move the recipient! Sihai reading channel has sorted out 70 words of Halloween blessing words. If you don't believe it, you can count the words of each blessing words.

1. Don't eat like a hungry ghost, drink like a drunk, see your wife don't look like a lecher, or your wife will scold you as a dead ghost, even if you don't look like a devil, I wish you a happy Halloween like a kid!

2. There is no need to panic or panic when Halloween comes. I have found two bodyguards for you privately: happy ghost and happy ghost. They will dispel many bad ghosts such as annoying and unlucky ghost for you. Hope Halloween is a happy holiday!

3. Today is Halloween. It's our ghost festival. No matter you are human or ghost, you must obey my orders, walk to the mirror, laugh at the mirror three times and say Happy Halloween to yourself.

4. 'shame' is the ghost of the heart, 'soul' is the ghost of good luck, 'soul' is the ghost of innocence, 'spirit' is the ghost of the unknown. Halloween is coming. May you be happy and have no shame. Hold the soul safely. The soul has unlimited power. The charm will last forever.

5. Do you want to be more charming? Do you want to be more handsome? I sell elixir on behalf of you to ensure that you are beautiful and handsome. Please order in advance by SMS. Halloween, happy as a ghost.

6. Don't be too handsome, grimace, grotesque and lovely; don't be too serious, pretend to be funny, and life is interesting; don't be too serious, go crazy, and have fun in body and mind. It's Halloween. Let's get rid of the usual roles and images. Let's have a good time!

7. The salary is a miser, the price is a bighead, the price is a vampire, and the mood is a nuisance. When Halloween comes, throw out your troubles and let them all go to hell. Happy Halloween!

8. Ghost Festival, are you plotting not to be ghost? If there is ghost in your heart, it's better to be a happy ghost. Halloween belongs to ghost festival. You must be happy. Happy Halloween!

9. Ghosts are lovable, unpredictable and quick thinking. There is no great mystery in ghosts. You are the only one who is most happy to play ghost. Playing ghost is completely original. Ha ha. Halloween is your holiday!

10. Pumpkin lamp lights the future, not afraid of hardship and hardship, and all shadows run away; make-up clothes change identity, change character and enjoy life, cowardice and cowardice are invisible; brooms become magic wands, fly freely through time and space, and dreams and fantasies come true; Halloween comes, all blessings only wish you happy!

Whether you are a ghost or a ghost, whether you are a lecher or a ghost, whether you are a ghost or a devil, whether you are a drunkard or a smoker, whether you have a ghost or no ghost in your heart, I wish you a happy Halloween!