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The whole Halloween greeting will not only make you laugh, but also calm your angry heart

Trick is not your fault. Trick makes the other party feel speechless. At last, you have achieved the ultimate goal! Before Halloween, the reading channel of has organized some integral Halloween blessing words! These integral Halloween blessing words make people laugh! Halloween hasn't come yet. If you want to 'repair' others on Halloween, but we have to stop talking! These integral Halloween blessing words Words will calm your heart a little!

1. I carved your face on the turnip lamp and scared away the troubles; I carved your smiling face on the pumpkin lamp and scared away the worries. On behalf of the manufacturer of Halloween masks in Druid, I hereby declare that your portrait has been expropriated!

2. Today is Halloween. Your luck will fluctuate like a ghost. But if you invite me to have a big meal, I have a way to transfer for you. I don't know if you believe me. Happy Halloween!

3. Halloween is coming. I wish you to meet the hungry ghost at work, the drunk at work, and all the lecherons around you. Anyway, they are all little ghosts. Happy Halloween! I also wish you to look more like the big devil!

4. I gave your mobile phone number to the director of ghosts and gods on Halloween. He said that in the future, you will be guaranteed a prosperous career. Your lovers will be close to each other, with thousands of salaries, endless happiness, endless worries, and happiness!

5. I put greetings in the wind and accidentally lost them. I put my blessing in the cloud and accidentally washed away. Today, I give you my best wishes. In the middle of the night, your window will open. It will lie in your ear and say, "Happy Halloween.".

6. I asked for a talisman, and now I'll give it to you. Halloween is coming. I hope the little ones will be afraid when they see you. They will send money to honor you. The big ones will run away when they see you. They will scatter money while they run to eliminate disasters. Happy Halloween!

7. The little devil drives the pumpkin cart to bring you a full cart of gold. The big ghost rides the magic broom to bring down the rolling jade for you. The ghost King lights the night light to summon a diamond for you! Friend, I wish you a happy fortune! Happy Halloween!

8. Hami melon and pumpkin meet each other and complain when they go home: 'short and fat, ugly!' ha Ma advises: 'what do you know? Which Halloween don't use pumpkins for lights? People look ugly, but there is a fire in their hearts!'

9. As far as I know, Halloween tightwads are going to buy tightwads, so don't be too tightwad if you don't want to leave; tightwads are going to buy tightwads in groups, so don't be too tightwad if you don't want to leave. Please have a meal and sing a K or something. Please take me with you

10. Your full and sexy body is always lingering in my mind, the mark of your smile always makes me unforgettable, why the reunion once a year is so short, my dear Halloween pumpkin lamp.

11. Halloween is coming. Let's put down our work and relieve the pressure. Let's go to the carnival together, put on our masks, put on our pumpkin lights, drink some wine, walk on the road, shout "Happy Halloween" and scare one to death!

12. Where are you going to commit sin tonight? Seeing my message, you, as a non-human, may be silently cursing me. Nevertheless, you are my missing friend. Happy Halloween to you.

13. When Halloween comes, Lord Yan will fight against the landlords for one or three times. I said that there was a text message reader on it who wanted to pull down the top position. King Yan said that it's OK. The number of happy beans in this person's years is amazing. I'm afraid it's invincible.

14. Halloween night anti ghost trick: hang a mirror at the door of the dormitory, burn root incense on the table and sprinkle rice on the floor. It's really not good. Burn heel incense for me after 12 p.m. and ask me to accompany you.

15. I will pretend to be an angry bird and appear beside you on Halloween. Use my body to drive away demons and ghosts for you. But please don't pretend to be a fat pig, then I will lose control and be blown up! Happy Halloween!

16. There are skeletons in black in front of you tonight. Don't be afraid. This magic spell will make him show his original shape. That is to shout at him: I love you! Happy Halloween!

17. I'm the king of hell. How many ghosts do you want to report on Halloween? Handsome, ugly, tall, short, fat, thin, everything. There are so many. I wish you a happy Halloween.

18. Today, pumpkins are not for eating, but for wearing; candles are not for lighting, but for beauty. Friend, are you ready to put on the pumpkin, hold the candle, and meet me on the roadside at night? Friend wish you a happy Halloween!

19. 10.31 Halloween night, I will go to your & hellip; hellip; ha ha ha & hellip; hellip; scared you? In fact, I just want to say to you - Happy Halloween!

20. Your smile, the wolves are hanging, your cry, the chickens fly and the dogs jump, your stop, the smell is filled, you sweat, lice disaster, you do not dress up, ugly than ghosts, you dress up, ghosts frighten paralysis! Dedicated to the protagonist of Halloween!

21. I miss you very much, but I'm afraid to see you. Maybe you are staring at me silently in some corner of the world. I want to touch your face without chin, ah, ghost! Happy Halloween!

22. It's terrible. I saw a strange thing just now. You won't believe it. It's a ghost. He's looking at it with something called a mobile phone in his hand. Ha ha, happy Halloween.

23. It's said that tonight, ghosts are haunted, dead light appears again and ghosts are turning around! May ghosts hear me and come to your bedside in the middle of the night, with pale face, dark green eyes, dry hands, touch your face and greet you for me: good night for Halloween!

24. No matter what you see on Halloween night & hellip; remember not to shout, because he will be with you all the time. Ha ha! Happy all saints!

25. Do you have the heart to leave me alone on Halloween night? Aren't you afraid of attractive ghosts to seduce me? It's a ghost that you haven't replied to me after saying so much. Happy Halloween!

26. The content of this message is extremely horrible. People with heart disease, hypertension, natural timidity and minors should read & hellip; hellip; think twice & hellip; hellip; don't read & hellip; hellip; be sure to read & hellip; hellip; ha ha, happy Halloween

27. A mobile phone virus named "Happy Halloween" is popular these days. If you unfortunately receive a text message containing such characters, please throw away your mobile phone immediately to avoid infection.

28. Walk out of the house, turn right and then left, walk east and then south, run north and then West, stop for a minute, make a wish to the sky that you will surely achieve, because today is Halloween, and ghosts will bless you.

29. The night is quiet, the moon is high and the wind is clear. Someone is waiting outside your window to give you wealth, joy and let him in. If you want to ask, I don't have much to say. Guess. I don't know. I'll tell you. The devil knows. All saints are happy!

30. My yearning is like the sparkle of ghost fire; my blessing is endless, just like the devil wandering around you. Halloween night, let's fill a whole pumpkin lantern with happy mood, and prepare to have fun together!