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The best wishes for your friends on the Mid Autumn Festival of 2015. You must not let them be vulgar

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. What kind of blessings do you need to prepare for your girlfriend to make your blessings no longer 'vulgar'. Because your relationship is really unusual, don't tell her the bad wishes. I don't think it's a pity that I didn't have the Mid Autumn Festival blessing again! Here, the reading channel of selects some blessing words for your best friend. Here is a good mid autumn blessing for you!

1. A piece of moon cake is sweet and pleasant to eat in your mouth; a plate of fruits is placed in the middle, and you can't enjoy all the happiness; a glass of wine is refreshing in your heart, and happy life is sweeter than honey; a wish is warm in your heart, and friendship is boundless around love. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

2. The moon is round and round in Mid Autumn Festival. It's celebrated in Kyushu. Every family laughs and sits at the table. Take a sip of mooncake and a sip of wine, and the taste of happiness will moisten your heart. I only hope that there is no separation in the world, and I don't need to share the beauty of the moon for thousands of miles. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

3. On the other side of the moon, there is a Guanghan palace, where there is a osmanthus tree, Chang'e and jade rabbit. They eat moon cakes and sing songs to give you good wishes. On the beautiful Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you happiness and eternal stay!

4. In the small and long vacation in mid autumn, I send a moon to wish my friends a happy day, a moonlight to wish their friends a warm day, a moon cake to wish their friends sweetheart, and finally a text message to wish my best friend a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

5. I only give you sweet moon cakes, beautiful Chang'e I only accompany you to watch, lovely jade rabbit I only raise for you, missing thoughts I only live for you, tender words I only say to you, festival happiness I only pass to you, blessing message I only send to you, message content I only read to you: Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

6. The bright moon is hanging high in the sky; the stars are twinkling in front of you; the yearning is a thread; the memory is in your heart; the blessing is seen in every word and letter; I hope that everything will be round year by year. Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

7. Lucky star, send you good luck, fortune and longevity; turn into a meteor, help you realize your wish; turn into a red star, shine you; turn into a planet, surround you; turn into a star, accompany you to the old age! If you receive it, this Mid Autumn Festival is the most brilliant one for you!

8. A full moon carries thousands of thoughts, a piece of moon cake condenses the harmonious atmosphere of reunion, the thick osmanthus sends out the constant fragrance of care, and a short message delivers warm blessings. Wish you a happy mid autumn festival.

9. The moon is round and hanging in the air. The moon is round and placed in the disk. Looking up, the moon misses home. Holding the moon cake in your hand, you think of your family. To ensure the reunion of all, you leave your family and protect everyone. Your heart is sad and tears flow. You are brave and brave and guard the border. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Send us the most sincere words. Brother Bing, you have worked hard.

10. Taste a piece of mid autumn cake, stay close to your family; fill a cup of reunion wine, there is no end to sweetness and honey; watch a round of mid autumn moon, every blessing gushes out of your throat. The Mid Autumn Festival is here. I wish you and your family a happy reunion!