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The best wishes for children's adult ceremony in 2015 you should learn to express

how to express the best wishes for children's adult ceremony in 2015? How to express the best wishes for children's adult ceremony in 2015? will prepare the most appropriate blessing for you in 2015. If you are still in trouble because of how to express the blessing words of children's adult ceremony, please collect the blessing words of parents of 2015 children's adult ceremony!

Parents' wishes for children's adult ceremony in 2015 (1)

My son:

First of all, congratulations on your growing up! The rite of passage is not only a form, but also a wake-up, a kind of inspiration and a kind of expectation. On the occasion of your 18-year-old adult ceremony, I would like to send you our most sincere blessing. I hope you will always be happy! Healthy! Happy! Excellent!

Adult means that you will leave childishness to maturity and overcome dependence to independence. Adult means that you have grown up, no longer a naughty child, no longer a child, no longer need too much care and advice, no longer need too much care and support.

I don't worry about your future, and I don't force you to do what you want to do. I just hope you can do what you want to do, and show your momentum to bloom your young passion. Don't be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of falling. You never know what it's like to fall if you don't experience it. You just need to remember that when you encounter difficulties or confusion, dad will definitely stand where you can see as soon as you turn around. As long as you reach out your hand, you can catch dad's warm hand, kid, you don't need to be afraid of anything.

Generally speaking, you have your own ability to live independently and your own opinions, but as a person from the past, we are willing to share some of our ideas with you:

Be practical: be honest, behave well, respect and love the old, and care for others.

Do things seriously: no matter what you do or what others do, once you undertake it, you must try your best to finish it seriously.

Mentality should be stable: there are many setbacks on the road of life. Each experience sees it as an indispensable experience of life. Success is gratifying, failure draws lessons, can be taken up and put down, and 'there is nothing in the world, and nobody bothers himself'.

The goal should be appropriate: to be able to achieve high-grade development, we should strive for it, and cherish it only for ordinary development. Although the external environment is very important, the final miracle is created by ourselves.

Life is coming out one by one. What we are facing now is the college entrance examination, which is your first important experience as an adult. Although the college entrance examination is very hard and requires serious and hard study, it is only this time. The person who has experienced the college entrance examination, his will to overcome difficulties and fighting will be exercised. He will realize how sweet the results are after his own efforts, and will have some mature experience in the face of future difficulties. In the face of college entrance examination, we don't need to have pressure and tension. As long as we try our best, we won't regret that it is success. You will succeed!

Finally, I want to say: cherish today and bravely face the test of life! I hope you will always be happy and confident!

Blessings for parents at the 2015 children's adult ceremony (2)

Often lament the time gone, years like songs; often inadvertently found that the original, a million years. The time in my hand passed away quietly like water. Who says that time flows without trace? 18 years of steps, 18 years of memories, 18 spring and autumn days and nights, 18 cold and hot days of mutual affection, what I left today, what I have? Quiet night thinking, yes, what I really have. Wealth? Fame & Wealth & hellip; & hellip; or other things that I used to pursue, but now I feel insignificant.

Success or failure, gain or loss, merits or demerits, honor or disgrace. All the praise and praise are not enough to occupy some of my heart, because I know that my heart has been reserved and possessed for more precious things, that is you, my dear child.

Never boast of your important position in your parents' heart, because you can feel it; never deliberately emphasize the weight of this emotion, because you are afraid that you will be overwhelmed by this heavy love, or even scared, scared, afraid that this love will become a burden on your own way forward, afraid that it will become a fetter for you to fly bravely. Maybe it's just in response to the previous people's saying, "mother's love is like the sea, father's love is like the mountain". Maybe it's so tall that you have a sense of distance. Maybe it's so lofty that you can be separated from the sky. But, my child, please believe in the sincerity of my father's heart and his concern for you. It's absolutely worth learning from the world.

It is said that there is only one kind of love in the world that is contrary and strange, because he is different. This is the love of parents to their children, because the ultimate purpose of this kind of love is to achieve a kind of separation, not only physical, but also spiritual. The result of love is that children can completely separate from their parents' system and live independently, freely and autonomously, without the aid of the former community. Now, you have reached such a period. As a parent, I would like to say sincerely: Congratulations, you have grown up, and really have grown up.

From the moment when you are 18 years old, you are no longer a spoiled child at the knees of your parents, but an adult with civil rights, behavior ability and responsibility. Your life is about to enter the best period of life, full of vigor, vitality, ideals and hopes, just like the rising sun.