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New year's Day blessings 2016

New Year's Day greetings 2016 On New Year's day, gather the joy of heaven and earth, show the joys of mountains and rivers, send auspicious greetings in the snow, and give blessings of peace in the wind dance. May you go out to meet distinguished people in the new year, have great luck and get rich. After the new year's day, please pay attention to the first shift of the new year: the morning shift is to comb neatly and be energetic, the middle shift is to cheer up and put into work, and the evening shift is to combine work with rest and adjust body and mind. Feel not laid off, happy to take over the shift! On the occasion of new year's day, send new year's Day blessings in advance. I wish you in the new year: your career is at noon, your body is as strong as a tiger, there are countless money, you don't work hard, you are happy and romantic! New year's Day is the beginning of the new year. New Year's Day is also the first day of the new year. May I be the first person to bless you on the first day of the New Year! Happy new year and everything you want! On New Year's day, I'll give you a Dumpling Banquet. I wish you: diligent wealth (celery dumplings), life hundred wealth (cabbage dumplings), encounter wild wealth (wild vegetable dumplings), make some foreign wealth (mutton dumplings), and family long wealth (leek dumplings)! The year of the monkey wishes friends all over the world: comfortable work, satisfactory salary, warm quilt, intimate friends, concentric lovers, everything is going well, always happy and satisfied with everything! The new year opens new hopes, new gaps and new dreams. Brush away the dust of years, let laughter and tears, love and sadness condense into a thick and crystal amber in your heart. Happy year of the monkey! It is said that lavender has four green leaves: the first leaf is faith, the second leaf is hope, the third leaf is love, and the fourth leaf is luck. Send you a lavender, wish you a happy year of the monkey! Fireworks bloom is brilliant hope, stars twinkle is the light of happiness, couplets write the dream of the heart, rainbows pave the beautiful heaven, and SMS conveys the auspiciousness of the year of the monkey. Wish you all the best! The sheep have a wide source of money. The auspicious sheep have a good luck and everything is safe. Temperament is like the prosperity of sheep, and sheep like tenderness. The long river of life flows around sheep, and the beautiful world is fragrant sheep. May you have a good name in the year of the monkey and a bright life. New year's Day holiday is coming. I wish you a happy New Year's day by drinking wine until you don't recognize your relatives, smoking cigarettes until you die together, rubbing mahjong until day and night, dancing until you're exhausted, bragging until you don't believe it. The earth rotates 365 times, just for today to send you a new hope; The earth revolves once, just for today to offer you a beautiful expectation; My message is wireless to convey my sincere wishes for you today. Happy New Year's Day! Happy New Year! 2016 Spring Festival Blessing SMS On New Year's day, I wish you: open your eyes and glitter; Wear a coat and look bright; Serve a bowl with round eggs; Turn on your cell phone, full of blessings! Everything has been arranged for you. Please enjoy it, because you are the most sincere friend in my mind! I wish you happiness! Take the lead, set an example, work hard as always, have a smooth sailing, good career and love wholeheartedly. If you have a good holiday, you will have a good year in the coming year! Friends, I wish you a happy New Year's Day! Thinking deeply, feeling strong, with the new year's day to spread missing; Words with emotion, sentences with meaning, with the celebration of the new year; Happy and laughing, may you be happy on New Year's day; Greetings, blessings, good luck and happiness. Happy New Year's Day! The money earned when you are in a good mood is called us dollars, the money earned when you are energetic is called Hong Kong dollars, the money paid when you increase your salary is called Canadian dollars, the money awarded when you are very smooth is called euros, the money received when you are in harmony is called silver dollars, the money spent when you are very relieved is called Japanese yen, the money from New Year's Day is called Singapore dollars, and the money from New Year's Day blessings is called information and interest fees. I wish you a happy New Year's day. When the new year's Day is coming, please strictly operate your 'appearance company', thoroughly control your 'import and export' quality, adjust the 'domestic demand' plan, reform the 'reward' mechanism and improve the 'welfare treatment'. After new year's day, I'll check it! I wish you a good mood every day, family love, work smoothly, career success, money every day, happiness and laughter in your life! Happy New Year's Day! The first ray of sunshine is my deep blessing to you. The last bright red of the sunset is my heartfelt greetings to you. On New Year's day, I send sincere wishes: Happy New Year! Red lanterns hang high, hanging out auspicious; Singing and laughing, floating out of the festivity; The sound of firecrackers and fireworks is beautiful; Sincere blessings and heartfelt wishes: I wish you a happy New Year's day and a happy smile! In the year of the monkey, I send you five monkeys: smart and mysterious, healthy and happy, rich and leisurely, like a golden monkey, carefree and smarter than an ape. The unit is like a big tree full of monkeys. When you look up, it's all buttocks, when you look down, it's all smiling faces, and when you look left and right, it's all ears and eyes. The year of the monkey is coming. I wish you to climb up two more branches and see more smiling faces and fewer hips. I hope you will be happy every day for 365 days, 8760 hours, always happy, 525600 minutes, wonderful minutes, 3153600 seconds and happy seconds in the new year. Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true! Dreams come true! The monkey ran to the year of the monkey with his hooves raised and walked around happily. Live a happy life and move forward forever. Sunshine Avenue is your choice. Happiness smiles, carefree and happy. I wish you a happy and healthy year of the monkey! 2016 New Year SMS I wish you plenty of money in the year of the monkey and your hair looks like a fat pig; Strong as a bear; Love is as sweet as a bee; Good luck is as much as ox hair; Cause steams like a ROC. The dust settled and the old year came to an end. The greeting will not break, and the affection will remain. The wandering of life, the concern of relatives, the way home is not far away. New year's day, I wish you a new year and a new chapter in your career! Layers of past events precipitate in the years, leaving endless memories. Family affection makes me feel infinite happiness. Thank my parents for giving me life, giving me happiness and giving me another brand-new year. I wish you a happy New Year's day.