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Adjustment language when you are in a bad mood: happiness has an eternal name called truth!

When we are in a bad mood, we can use writing to express them. These languages are suitable for us to record them when we are in a bad mood. Of course, we still need our own adjustment to change our emotions, but these languages still release that emotion. Please see: when you are in a bad mood, write these messages that can excrete uncomfortable messages. Welcome to pay attention.

Reincarnation has been thousands of turns, who will recall the shallow past, leaving the dust margin to sigh; Wait for the rainy day of the next season, no longer pursue your footprints, be silent and quiet.

Love is sometimes like the feeling of drunkenness. The mind is clear, but the behavior is out of control. When a person doesn't love anyone, he can fall in love with anyone around him.

Some waiting is a kind of helplessness. I can only write my thoughts of you under the tip of my pen. There are some waiting can not be too long, has withered in my heart. There is a kind of happiness that is not called forever, but happiness has an eternal name called truth!