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A blessing suitable for lovers to express their love: success or failure depends on persistence

sometimes feelings don't need face-to-face communication, just send messages to each other to fully express their admiration for each other! These blessings are suitable for lovers or lovers to express their feelings to each other! Please see: a blessing suitable for lovers to express their love!

A blessing suitable for lovers to express their love

Love is a feeling, even if it is painful, it will feel sweet. Love is an experience, even if it is broken, it will feel comfortable. Love is an experience, even if it is broken, it will not last.

Spread out the red friendship shop between you and me, wrap up your and my fiery enthusiasm, make firecrackers for you, and blow up the joy, luck and wealth for you. I wish you happiness.

Expand the time minute by second, put in the sincere thoughts, and turn them into 'shells' for you, so that you can have my blessings all the time in your life.

Don't miss you because of the season change, don't miss you because of the distance, don't alienate you because of busyness, and don't forget you because of the scouring of time. You will always be a good friend in my heart!

Tea, to drink strong, until insipid; Wine, get drunk until you can't wake up; People should love deeply and continue to love in the next life; Friends, like you.

Great things are difficult, look at the responsibility; Adversity and prosperity, look at the breadth; In the face of joy and anger, look at self-restraint; The group gives up the group to get, and looks at wisdom; Bigger and smaller, look at the pattern; Can be fast or slow, see some enlightenment; Success or failure, see persistence!

When you are worried, I will send you a quiet sky, when you are sad, I will send you a bunch of bright sunshine, and when you miss, I will send you a pair of flying wings. I hope my sincerity is useful to you, open the door of my heart, and when you need it!

When your cell phone rings, that's my greeting; When you receive the message, there is my voice; When you read text messages, it's my concern; When you are ready to shut down, remember that I am blessing you!

The earth is big, but when people from two different cities meet, they think it's so small. what is it? This is fate. Thank God for letting me know him.

I neglected your feelings these days. I really love you. I didn't mean it. I didn't understand your difficulties. Sorry, forgive me, okay?

I'm very happy to spend every minute with you. I hope I can make you happy all the time. It's sweet to think of your name. I look forward to seeing you again!