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I wish you all the blessings of Halloween: I wish you good luck and happiness through the winter

I wish you all the best on Halloween 2015: I wish you good luck and happiness through the winter

Monkey King is looking for you with a pumpkin lantern. Don't worry, I won't tell him where you are hiding. Harry Potter is chasing you on a magic broom. Take care, you are a devil, and I will protect you. May you enjoy your holiday. Happy Halloween.

When you smile, the wolves hang. When you scream, the chickens fly and the dogs jump. When you stand, the smell is filled. When you sweat, the lice disaster. If you don't dress up, it's more ugly than the ghost. When you dress up, the ghost will be paralyzed! To the protagonist of Halloween!

It is said that tonight, the ghost will not disappear, the dead light will appear again, and the ghosts will turn around! May the ghost hear my call, come to your bed in the middle of the night, with pale face, green eyes and dry hands, touch your face and greet you for me: good night on Halloween!

Dear, I've always wanted to worship the monkey king and learn from him to subdue demons and eliminate monsters, so that I can protect you well on Halloween. What demons and ghosts, put them all here!

Happy to talk to you, beautiful to play chess with you, lucky to meet you, happy to talk to you, romantic to make an appointment with you, health to ask you to say hello, friends come to find fault: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming, Chinese ghosts retreat, Western ghosts occupy the market, and come to your window at midnight. Are you ready? Put on your cloak, pick up your broom, put on your tusks, and start with me. The carnival begins!

On Halloween, two ghost envoys scurry around, don't stop at three o'clock, ghosts appear everywhere, five spirits and six spirits are cold, seven are in trouble, and ghosts cry for a long time, which makes your heart tremble; I make pumpkin lanterns. You dress up as ghosts and drive away demons. Send blessings. Happy Halloween and Qile happiness!

Don't think I've forgotten you. For example, today -- Halloween, the first thing I think of is you, because you are related to ghosts! I wish you a happy holiday!

As soon as a beautiful woman waves her hand, she should also take a look at the street lights; The two beauties on the street waved and the tall buildings wanted to kiss; Three beauties on the street waved and the earth braked back. Ha ha, I wish you all saints happiness!