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You from a foreign land send 2016 blessings to China. These blessings are passionate love

far away in a foreign country, I miss my family and friends even more when the festival comes! How do basin friends in a foreign country express their wishes for the 2016 new year to their relatives in their hometown? reading channel tells you which blessings can be expressed as your new year blessings in a foreign country! You can choose some of the following contents to send to family, friends, relatives and old friends in China!

The blessings you send to your domestic comrades in arms, relatives and family in a foreign land. These blessings are passionate love

SMS wishes for the new year: I wish you a happy new year, a bright future, good luck, prosperity, family happiness, prosperity, happiness like the East China Sea and longevity! The longer the wine is, the more mellow it is, and the longer the friends are, the more true it is; The clearer the water flows, the lighter the vicissitudes of the world. Happy new year and always in a good mood!

Bear hardships and raise your son. Teach children to be human and learn culture for children. Send your son on a long journey and ask him not to worry. I hope my son can start a career and get married early. When your son returns home, talk to him from the bottom of his heart. The joy of the New Year fills Greater China. Thick blessings for mom and dad. Children with their wives and children, I wish you a happy New Year!

No matter worry or sadness, new year's Day is the end; Whether happy or happy, new year's Day is the beginning; No matter reply or forward, we should bless New Year's day. Happy New Year's Day!

Please leave work tonight and have a look. The stars in the night are beautiful! Please leave the computer tonight and have a look. The snow scene in the night is very beautiful! Please leave the busy tonight and have a look. The silence of the night is beautiful! Please leave the noise tonight and have a look. The cold wind in the night is beautiful! Please make a wish tonight, let new year's day take it away, and start again tonight. Please be happy, warm and happy on New Year's Day!

On New Year's day, our travel agency has prepared a free one-year trip of eighteen thousand miles for you. At the same time, we also send our bodyguard safe and healthy, and our servant girl Ruyi and auspicious. We will take the first flight of good luck and fortune in 2015 with you. I hope you can start as soon as possible. Happy New Year's day.

Friends go together all their life. Those days are heavier than gold. Time never returns. Time is not a problem. Distance is not a problem. The ends of the earth are close and the heart is close. They can't spend New Year's Eve together. I only wish you a safe four seasons, a safe entrance and exit, a dull life, a happy life on the water side, and a beautiful night. Happy New Year's Day!

Tomorrow, I don't know, I can't predict everything; Tomorrow, I look forward to you, happy and angry; Tomorrow, I don't promise, I can't control laughter; Tomorrow, new year's day, I wish you: every day optimistic, every day peaceful, every day in a good mood, always pessimistic, throw away the cold in the sky, be content, be happy, be in a good mood, be carefree on New Year's day, be good in body and mind!

Hang your smiling face in the blue sky so that you can see it when you look up; Keep a good dream by your pillow so that you can feel it as soon as you sleep! Fill your world with blessings. I only wish you a happy New Year's Day!

Beauty adds years, love is full of mountains and rivers, willow eyebrows are beautiful, and admire many. Meet to see the flower market, laughing, white clouds, singing like crazy, lights like weaving. How old is a girl? There is only music every year. Caijun lined up and fell in love with fragrance. It is the beautiful scenery that makes the gift words long. He who gets many blessings will get Ruyi Lang. I wish beauty a happy New Year's day and a happy husband this year!

I hope you can hear the happiness of this new year and see the happiness of this new year. In the new year, my friends wish you as high as this firecracker.

A thousand flowers for you to love yourself; A thousand paper cranes for you, let troubles away from you; A thousand lucky stars for you, let good luck surround you; Here are a thousand pistachios for you. Let a good mood accompany you every day. I wish you a happy New Year!