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Newlyweds: the newlyweds' wishes of parents of both men and women to their children

the little couple are full of tears in front of their parents! The newlywed heat will disappear with the advance of time! What kind of blessing can make the two newlyweds face their wedding life bravely? What seemingly blessed words contain deep wishes? These newlywed blessings, no matter who the parents say, will make them full of confidence in their future life! What kind of blessing? read and launch: the newlywed blessing words of both parents including deep wishes to their son's daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law's son-in-law, you will always be the concern of the elderly! Wedding greetings from both parents to their children

1. Tianwaifeixian came to cheer and congratulate the newly married flowers. Gurgling warm current runs into the sea, every bit is love. Bridal chamber flower candle hourglass is fast, who is worse in the red gauze tent. At the end of time, heaven and earth are inseparable. I wish you a happy wedding.

2. As the saying goes, you can cross the boat in ten years and sleep in a hundred years. It is fate and luck for you to come together in the vast sea of people. I believe your name must be engraved on Sansheng stone. I wish you a happy life!

3. Marriage is the grave of love, but don't be sad. Everyone will eventually go into the grave. Don't worry, Amen!

4. Three autumn osmanthus welcomes new people, and ten miles of lotus pity son's heart. Wild geese fly past, leaving book marks, and the couple's home is opposite. On the moon, the willow shoots are at dusk, and the beauty has about a grove. Bridal chamber flowers and candles, Wushan cloud, vow to be united forever in this life. Wish: love life.

5. Marriage is not the end of love, but the beginning of love. Today you get married and send blessings. I only wish you tolerance and care for each other and a happy life!

6. May your descendants be godly! May you teach your descendants according to the teaching and warning of the LORD; Do the same for yourselves and do the will of the Lord!

7. Marriage is established by God, and a happy marriage is blessed by God; May our God give you and your family all the blessings in heaven and those hidden in the earth!

8. At this time of celebration and blessing, may God guide your marriage, such as the river flowing to the sea, into one, no longer two, and surging and living forever!

9. I wish you a happy marriage for a hundred years! Happy wedding, honey!