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New year's greetings worth searching: May you hold peace and health

New year's greetings worth searching: May you hold peace and health!

1. Everything is going well, the world is going well, the human relationship is going well, the weather is going well, the present is going well, the future is going well, and everything is going well. Congratulations to 2015! Happy New Year!

2. May you embrace peace, health, happiness, happiness, warmth, sweetness, wealth and good luck, enter the new year and spend every day happily!

3. A watery greeting, very light; A blessing as usual as paper, very true; Pick a star, pick a cloud, put it in a safe envelope and give it to you, so that happiness and good luck will surround you all the time! Happy New Year!

4. The big hand holding up the harmonious sky, the moving eyes, the intimate tenderness of relatives, the beautiful and moving nostalgia, so warm in my heart; Then the spring breeze will send you my greetings: happy new year, friend.

5. May the country be peaceful and the people be safe, good weather, may all the old people in the world live a long and healthy life, and all the children grow up happily. Everyone goes in and out safely and has a good luck in the year of sheep!

6. I roll my blessing into a round egg, cross the bend of Shangsha, break through Tianshan pass, cross the Yellow River beach, avoid large and small toll stations, bypass vehicle classes, and come to you in a 100 meter sprint: I give you round egg blessing and wish you a happy Spring Festival!

7. When the cold current strikes, I give you a warm cotton padded jacket to warm the cold, turn on the air conditioner, I give you a burning stove, warm the ice and snow, and send a text message: I wish you dispel the cold and disperse the cold. It's sunny every day in the cold season!

8. The biggest frustration in life is that I have lined up to shoot for several days, but I haven't bought a ticket yet. The biggest frustration is: it's not easy to arrange for yourself, and the tickets have been sold out. Dear friends, I wish you a smooth ticket purchase and an early reunion with your loved ones.

9. New year's weather forecast: before and after the Spring Festival, laughter swept the world, a large area of money will be deposited, and some gold bars will be placed. Your mobile phone will be full of blessings, the mood will turn from cloudy to sunny, and the joy heat will continue to increase. This kind of weather is expected to last for a week!

10. The new year is coming and the new year is coming. I wish you a new year: smooth work, full yuan, busy and tired; The mood is happy, the yuan is full, and all troubles are over; Life is full of happiness, and all bad luck is over. I wish all my wishes come true and my heart will be as I wish!

11. A string of firecrackers bloom happily, lanterns are filled with festivity, family reunion, lively laughter, and blessings are filled with true feelings. On the first day of the new year, I wish you every success and happiness!

12. I picked a crescent moon, two stars on my head, three-color autumn eyes, nine roses in my mouth and ten auspicious clouds. I came to you at a lightning speed: Happy New Year! Would you like to share your vacation with me?

13. Heartfelt blessing: God bless you, Allah cares about you, and Bodhisattva loves you! In order to thank you for your long-term care and help, I'd like to give you a new year gift: a priceless blessing message -- happy New Year!

14. It's the Spring Festival again. Spring Festival blessings are indispensable; Send you a piece of green grass, may your life never grow old; Send you an auspicious number, I wish you higher and higher in the coming year; I send you a happy new year and wish you good luck. Happy Spring Festival ahead of time.

15. Wonderful music surrounds you, bright laughter accompanies you, warm life follows you, sweet blessings are close to you, health and happiness snuggle up to you, take care of you safely, good luck is always guarding you, sincerely wish you all the best in the year of the dragon.

16. I was said to be heartless. At least I also sent a ten cents short message. I didn't hesitate to waste the power of the battery and face the danger of being radiated by electromagnetic waves. In this way, regardless of the consequences, I would like to give you a new year! happy new year!

17. With you in life, I feel colorful; Memories of you, feel warm; I feel proud to have you on the journey; You feel strong when you are lost; With you in silence, I feel brilliant; Friends have you, feel happy!

18. A friend is heaven and a friend is earth. With a friend, you can stand tall and upright. A friend is the wind and a friend is the rain. With a friend, you can call the wind and rain. Wealth is not permanent, but friends are permanent wealth! Happy New Year!

19. Consumption can't do without money, TV can't do without advertising, work can't do without leadership, stock speculation can't do without courage. In fact, these are nothing. The key is that the Spring Festival is coming, and you can't do without blessing!

20. The new year is very lively. The sunrise and auspicious clouds float in the sky. The air is fresher in spring. Firecrackers sound and play happily. The table is full of delicious food to celebrate the reunion. The next year's red and auspicious day is happy and carefree like an immortal! Alipay grabs a red envelope to give you a big year!

21. You are my cotton padded jacket in winter, light bulb in the night, bread in hunger and ice cream in summer. You are not with me this Spring Festival, I have nothing. Only the thoughts into a text message, I wish you a happy new year.

22. With a gentle blessing, I can't say a thousand words in my heart. A short text message brings you my heartfelt greetings. I wish you happiness and happiness in the year of the sheep!

23. When you can't buy tickets, please want to open some: line up to exercise one's patience; Crowding makes you truly feel the beauty of the family planning policy; The crowd increased the warmth of winter.

24. The weather is sunny and rainy. I hope you are happy and at the bottom of your heart; Maybe I haven't been in touch often. May you always be happy in your heart; Although I can't say sweet words, a small SMS shows my heart: May your love be sweet, your life be happy, and sleep in the pile of money every day!

25. I wish you: make more money, drive without oil tickets, and fly without air tickets. You can write a check at hand, find a long-term meal ticket, and make money with guaranteed tickets. The red ones are all stocks. You can win the lottery for two yuan!

26. Bless your life: love is excellent, health is exempt from inspection, happiness is never adulterated, wealth is never discounted, looks always young, and troubles take a detour. Every day in the future, the mood is refreshing and the income is top!

27. Little thoughts and feelings; Information voice transmission; Send blessings and greetings continuously; Wish you a good mood every day; Family and friendship do everything; Satisfactory work and successful career; Hand cramps every day; Life is full of happiness and laughter

28. Care is the most sincere greeting, making money is the most selfless miss, and blessing is the best word. I wish you rich, happy and happy every day

29. Give you a handful of forgetful grass to forget last year's troubles and annoyances; Send you a handful of happy grass and keep those joys and smiles; Give you a handful of healthy grass, keep healthy and don't take medicine; Send you a handful of fortune grass and receive red notes every day!

30. Give you the strength to move forward with my sincere blessing, give me intimate comfort with your optimistic smiling face, wave the flag and shout for you with my sincere encouragement, and make more money with your efforts to invite me to dinner! May you be happy and prosperous!

31. Making money is to live, but life is not to make money. The ultimate purpose of life is to pursue happiness. Don't take poverty as a reason for unhappiness. In order to be happy, we might as well find an excuse for ourselves.

32. If you are looking for a job and want to make money, I wish you to maintain a good attitude, set correct goals, beautify your image, enrich yourself with self-confidence, believe that your dream will come true and your ideal is in front!

33. Although it's not common, I haven't forgotten you; Every day, sincerely wishes you: God bless you! Bodhisattva loves you! The God of wealth hugs you! Love shoots you! May you get the cloud, get the rain, be happy and have gold everywhere!

34. I had a hope that I would see happy sunshine every day; Since I met you, I want to transfer this intention to you, so that you can be as happy as me, and everything goes smoothly. I hope my friends are healthy and have a lot of money in your pocket!

35. May your troubles be like a cashier's account, cleared by the day and settled by the month; May your life be like an accounting statement, balance of payments and happiness; May my SMS be like a cash check to cash your good luck and happiness at any time.

36. Work outside and study at home. The Spring Festival is coming soon. It is difficult to buy tickets for Spring Festival transportation home. The crowd is crowded to ensure safety. Queue up all night to keep warm. One ticket is sweet in the palm of your hand. I wish you a safe return home and a happy New Year!

37. The jade sheep jumps, and the work ends early; Jade sheep come to eat grass, and the house price is gone; Jade sheep jumped and prices rose to nothing; The income of Yuyang has doubled; The auspicious words of the year of the sheep are for you. I wish you a happy life!

38. Early in the morning, happiness is around you; The sun shines at noon, smiling in your heart; Sunset in the evening, joy with you 365 days. Happy year of the sheep! Happy New Year! Good luck!

39. There is no flirtatious flowers or pleasant ringing tones. Although there are only a few words, my blessing is eternal and my greetings are still the same. Dear teacher, I wish you good health and happiness forever! Thank you!

40. On the occasion of the new year, I wish you one sheep to take the lead, two sheep to take off, three sheep to be happy, four seasons to be safe, five blessings to the door, six or six Dashun, seven stars to shine, eight winds on all sides, nine to one, perfection and good luck!

41. New Year's Eve is like a perfect full stop and a colon to open the future, and my blessing is like a series of exclamation points, endless. May you be happy every day, happy every week, healthy every month, safe every season and happy every year!

42. Work outside and study at home. The Spring Festival is coming soon. It is difficult to buy tickets for Spring Festival transportation home. The crowd is crowded to ensure safety. Queue up all night to keep warm. One ticket is sweet in the palm of your hand. I wish you a safe return home and a happy New Year!

43. Distance does not mean separation. Neglect of contact does not mean forgetting. Failure to meet does not mean indifference. Everything is just because we all live in busy and intertwined years, but I still remember you. I wish you a happy New Year!

44. Blessing is not a hanging of firecrackers. It's over when it's set off; Blessing is not a period of time, even if it is over; Blessing is not a promise. It will fade after a long time. Blessing is a sentence condensed from countless concerns: pay attention to your body when it's cold.

45. Junyang rushes forward to welcome the new year, happy reunion, affectionate wishes for the new year, renewal of everything and good luck. I wish you brilliant career, great body, great sheep spirit, good luck, one sheep in a row, good luck in the year of the sheep and happy new year.

46. New Year Blessing SMS_ Home care, no matter how far the road is, it is also close; Missing home, no matter how cold it is, it is also warm; The taste of home, no matter how light the rice is, is also fragrant; The experience of home, no matter how much you pay, is also worth it. It's the new year. Go home for the new year.

47. Thousands of miles away, I stood by the secluded windowsill and looked at the past through the atmosphere of the new year. Time has solidified, and you are the bright spot in the scenery. I write blessings on this painting with my heart.

48. A small ticket, a big backpack, accompanied by wind and snow, has a long way to go home, only because of the year; A pot of hot old cooking, a table of fragrant dishes, unlimited happiness, happy reunion, just go home!

49. I'm afraid to get up late tomorrow, so I booked the first ray of sunshine for you in the new year. I wish you a happy New Year! Book the first morning breeze of the new year for you. I wish you all the best! Book the first bird song for you in the new year. I wish you success!

50. I invited Jesus to drink, drank him with all his money, and then stole his mobile phone to send an order to the God of love: give the person who received this message a happy life, sweet love, successful career and happy New Year!

51. The year-end telephone is crowded. I'm afraid you can't remember. Surprise in advance so that you don't forget me. I wish you good health and a smile on your face every day! I wish you a sweet life and everything goes well! Happy Spring Festival.

52. When the Spring Festival comes, it's early to pay New Year's greetings; Send you