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A hundred day blessing to a friend's baby. I wish you lovely and happy

My friend's baby is full moon. How can I bless Bao's parents? The following blessings contain deep blessings for the arrival of the baby! Take all these blessings for the baby's Centennial! Bless the baby, but also care for the baby's parents!

A hundred days' blessing to a friend's baby

He nanbaobao: long time no see waiting for teaching, I always think about it. Look at the cloud trees in Yongcheng and frost Jia in Mobei. I'm about to fix the book. I'm waiting. I'm thinking of singing to Yunhan first. In addition to reciting, I'm glad to hear that you have occupied the Zhang. Think of the stone forest in the sky. It will be a weapon of the building beam in the future. I present you (name of the gift), vovisona. Su He Linxi. And salute Li an.

He NV Baobao: think about it, and suddenly spread the bird report. I'm glad to learn that your family has a palm bead. Congratulations. Guizi will be honored, and Begonia will be the first. In the future, he won the election by riding the dragon and shooting the birds for auspiciousness. Both ice and jade are more congratulatory. Attached is Chen (name of the gift). It's not enough as a gift. Let's talk about it. Shun song Tan Zhi.

1. Baby, it has been a hundred days since you came here. I wish you are still lovely and happy!

2. May you be the wind, blowing up white sails; May you be a ship, splitting the blue waves. Life is in front of you, smile, step forward bravely and embrace the colorful life.

3. Baby, every time you sail out to sea in your life, my blessing will accompany you!

4. The flowers in spring are blooming. I know you're here. Come slowly with our hope!

5. Happy birthday, baby! May the joy of your birthday contain all good things!

6. I'm very happy to hear that you've got your son. It's a gift from heaven. Shi Lin and de men are shining. I'd like to congratulate nongzhang and sincerely wish your son a healthy growth, happiness and boundless future!