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2015 bachelor's Day relief: Bachelor's Day blessings for single friends to relieve their anger

November 11 of each year is singles day. How can singles day comfort single friends? The following blessings about singles day comfort single friends will soon come to your wechat microblog group and look forward to the arrival of this beautiful moment! Please see: Singles Day blessings for single friends to relieve their anger!

Bachelor's Day blessings for single friends to relieve their anger on Singles Day

1. [N ways to celebrate Singles Day] happy method: laugh it off; Life affirming method: muddle along; Natural and unrestrained method: float over; Honesty method: passing by; Repentance method: thinking behind closed doors; Sad method: live alone; Spoof: make it difficult for others; Have ideas: how do you love; Want to cry without tears: it's passing. Singles Day, no matter how you spend it, I wish you a happy and carefree life!

2. Singles Day is coming. On behalf of my neighbors' great aunt, second aunt, parents and fellow countrymen and women all over the country, I wish all male singles to find dear loved ones on singles day and bid farewell to being single; I wish all female singles find someone you love and say goodbye to being single. Be sure to become a double stick this year!

3. It is said that those who receive this message on singles day can count the words of this message. If it is an even number, they can 'strip off' smoothly this year. Look at your luck! Ha ha, are you really counting? Friends, happiness depends on yourself. Try to improve yourself and pursue your happiness. Love will always come!

4. Don't worry about being single. You can grow old every month in the coming year; Don't worry about being single. You can pick up the Hydrangea in a few days; Don't be afraid to be single. Naked has become plan a. Little singles day, I wish all singles' naked 'as soon as possible!

5. One person consumption, no drag, independence and decision-making. Don't sweep the house, don't fold the bed, don't listen to wordiness, don't kneel. Don't look at your face, don't be afraid of yourself, spend money freely, and be in charge of your family. Long live little Singles Day!

6. Being single is hard and tired. You have to wash clothes and trousers in the middle of the night; Single pity, single sad, drunk no one to accompany; Single sad, single miserable, so far lonely every year; Single period, single hope, no longer have this festival in the future. I wish you happy.

7. Being single is hard, being single is tired, and sleeping on a pillow for a long night; Go to work early, get off work late, run around busy, no one cares; My father complained and my mother urged me to pursue the marriage. If you are so sad, you have to send a message to stick friends and moan once.

8. Being single is hard and tired. You can sleep alone in an empty room; Wake up in the middle of the night without a quilt, hold a pillow as a kiss; There are a lot of people in the flower world. It's never meant to be in place; It's better to be short than excessive. Don't ask for comfort on singles day. I'm willing to find a good sister as soon as possible.

9. Being single is not bad. Being single is an accident. A girl can't see the outside because she loves only one thing. It looks a little funny. In fact, it's often gray. He is decent and has not been corrupt yet. Singles Day is not bad, just because I love you too much!

10. If a bachelor is injured, warm the bed by yourself; Single wave, wandering around; If you are single, you don't have to buy a house; Single strong, can dig the wall; Singles panic and look for objects everywhere; Singles are busy, friendship is diligent. Happy Singles Day!

11. It's great to be single. You have a quiet ear and no pressure in your heart. It can be said: 'there is no limit to the happiness of a single person'. Single friends, continue to work hard for our single era!

12. Where are singles? Where are singles? Singles are on the list of marriage agencies. Take off the 'light' how to do ah, take off the 'light' how to do, take off the 'light' is to: Boldly declare and act bravely. Singles Day, I wish you take off 'light' as soon as possible.

13. Singles are carefree all day, advocate liberalism, and don't be bitter if you have no object. Those who are popular and drink spicy are still happy. Don't look like those who have objects. Send text messages to harass you on Singles Day! Happy Singles Day!

14. Stick is not in the light, integrity is OK. If women are not left, nobility is the spirit. S is single and still happy. Valentine's Day is natural and unrestrained, singles day is stable. Chat and laugh with friends, and have friends. Bachelor cloud: why not be carefree? Happy Singles Day!

15. The cold weather has come, and single life is often chaotic. Worry, worry, worry about how I'm going to live this winter. Being single is the hardest; I'm worried that no one loves me this winter. It's not strange to be single. In fact, I'm not bad to be single. I deserve a lot of love.