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The 21 character spring festival couplet blessing of 2016 new year is worth looking for someone to w

When the Spring Festival comes, every family pastes Spring Festival couplets to send good wishes for the coming year! You can save the 21 word blessing words of 2016 here, find someone to write on behalf of you during the new year, and leave the best New Year blessing to yourself! hopes that all netizens will actively pay attention to the update of our website and tell us what you think you expect most. We look forward to communicating with all netizens. The following 21 words of New Year greetings hope to be posted at everyone's door!

21 words can find someone to write on behalf of the Spring Festival blessing


Plum blossoms on the branches in the spring. Lishan is as clear as the spring rain, and thousands of rivers of snow are surging up in the spring tide;

The Cape is full of dragons and willows, and the east wind is green. I want to explore ten thousand Dendrobium beads in the sea area.


Snow loves plum blossom. People love snow and wind. The willows in front of the door are the rain in Jiangnan;

Spring returns to the earth, I return to the spring rain to urge the flowers in the garden to open, and only send the spring wind in the north of Hebei.


The island's spring melting flowers compete to release the wealth of all directions, and the policy of all directions destroys the prosperity of spring wealth;

The sun is warm in the south, the birds are singing, the spring breeze is ten miles, and science blesses the door.


Indoor sound screen view of the world, thousands of sails competing in the wind and the bright flowers and willows in Shunyu;

In front of the building, bamboo and cypress write about life, Wanma competing for Chi Road, Kangzhuang Yao TIANRI lixiaoxia Dan.


The sound of firecrackers and the spring news are early and fruitful. I leave the old year with the wind and the snow and the wax;

Taofu is everywhere. When he is old, there are bursts of new songs to celebrate the new year. The fragrance of the new year comes with Meirui.


Spring is full in China, and the rising sun and birthday star of all things give five blessings, hanging pictures on the spring mountain on all sides;

Wenchang art garden has thousands of Dongfeng colored pen paintings of three spring, three rivers, clear water and poem waves.


There are cups of wine on the first day of the year. The spring breeze is blowing, the rivers and mountains are beautiful, and bangji is based on YONGGU agriculture;

Spring is flying everywhere. Xujing pupil takes the lead in the new national movement and Changxing education.


Hope project broadcast hope that the two systems policy will inspire thousands of years of work and be a righteous and good public servant;

A civilized country creates a civilized five-star flag. Only when the sky is full can it be a pillar.


The earth is full of purple and snow from time to time. The spring breeze is green and thousands of mountains are beautiful;

The spring breeze is intoxicated everywhere, the fragrant plum blossoms are in full bloom, and the good governance of the spring shines brightly on thousands of new families.


Seeing the painting exhibition on the green hills on all sides, express your heart and enjoy the family music of military and civilian unity at the age of one;

Three streams and clear water listen to poetry and watch songs and dances. Thousands of Clean Party and government families are happy.


Spring is coming, Yuyu is full of flowers, rice and beans are churning, thousands of waves, good wine and happy cup are dancing;

Happy to the door, smiling and blooming thousands of flowers, happy pen flowers.


The spring breeze blows green, thousands of willows and fragrant grass, affectionate people live longer, a harmonious family and a blessing;

When the rain urges the red trees, flowers and songbirds to be proud of the world's peace, four seasons peace and four seasons spring.


Rivers and mountains are always full of spring wind because of the people's blessing house. Spring is full of willows and green flowers, and spring comes early;

Zeguo Chang'an earth spring gate is full of joy, happy yingmen pigs are fat and full-fledged.


A word is full of mountains and rivers, pigs are fat and rich, and the five mountains are full of red plum blossoms;

Thousands of households, thousands of villages, new homes, rich people, diligent life and Yongkang, auspicious snow in Kyushu, auspicious years.


The moon shines in the sky for thousands of miles. I like to see the five lakes add beauty, be diligent and thrifty, and maintain good fortune;

In the spring of the world, Kyushu is glad to hear the singing of the Three Gorges, work hard to get rich and enjoy good luck.


Just tasted the happy wine of the prosperous age, things change and stars change, leaving the wax to strengthen the country, an Bangming and the legal system;

He also gave a poem of complacency in spring and a beautiful day to send spring to enrich the people and start business in official honesty.


The wind returns to the mountains, waves compete for dance, respect teachers, value education and prosper great undertakings, and the drizzle in front of the window sends spring news;

When spring comes to the world, flowers bloom angrily to enrich the country and strengthen the people.


Rivers and mountains are like paintings, warblers crow and preface mountains and rivers. Fortunately, flowers compete for bloom, and they like to drink harvest wine in the new year;

Years are like poetry. Butterflies love flowers. Heaven and earth are selfless. Spring returns to the festival and sings reform poems.


Spring everywhere green into the sea, two hands cocoon flower fragrance, years of commercial prosperity, welcome guests to smile;

Flowers bloom red branches to the building, full of Agronomy, rich mountain medicine capital, precious grass, wish people good health.


Huimin should follow the thousands of rules. The colorful dragon dances to greet the spring and flowers bloom. The spring flood is early in the third spring;

To rejuvenate the country, you must read three volumes of books. Jinfeng takes off to report the good news and paddle the high tide all over the world.


A thousand beautiful mountains and rivers, purple bamboo shoots break through the ice to bid farewell to the old year, white snow and plum blossom;

The new red plum blossoms are proud to make a scene in the spring. The red clouds are beautiful and strive for glory in the new year.


The warbler weaves the flower brocade with a cavity of warm blood to open the prosperous age of Xinyu life insurance;

Yan tailoring to feature spring, full of spring breeze, walking well-off mountains, enjoying water and laughing to celebrate the new year.


In a well-off life, thousands of honey green willows symbolize the beauty of the frozen earth in the north;

Dafu Qiancheng brocade is decorated with thousands of red plum flowers. The spring festival begins with the snow in southern Xinjiang.


Thousands of miles and the wind blows the willow green, the beautiful sun drives the cold plum, early puts the jade tree to warm the sea;

Kyushu spring reflects peach red, and the spring wind sends warm willows and pearl flowers to move Jincheng spring.


Flowers come all over the world with spring, only because of the spring breeze in one night to the tiger and dragon in the universe;

From the same age to the same age, Fu taught people that the garden was full of auspicious grass, the mountains were green and the water was beautiful, and the world was strong.


The spring breeze gently blows thousands of mountains. Before the green wind, I begin to feel the vigorous song of the Cangsong and the singing of the Phoenix, and the high Wu welcomes a hundred blessings;

When the sun rises in the East and thousands of miles are red and snowy, you will know that Cuibai, Zhenyan, Xiang, Huaxia and Sanchun are happy.