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Essence of 2015 Thanksgiving blessing: Thank fate for making me like you and thinking of you

essence of Thanksgiving blessing: Thank fate for making me like you, and thank time for making me miss you

1. I have helped you so much, and I don't ask you to thank me. For the sake of a good day, just send me a turkey!

2. Thank you for your strong smile, which lights up a corner of the rain sky for me. In the next few days, I will look forward to the beauty of meeting because of this smile!

3. Today is Thanksgiving! Although I don't believe in Christ, I agree with thanksgiving. I really thank God for letting us know each other. I hope we can become good friends for life. I wish you my dear friend & hellip& hellip;

4. You are the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen, let my forest wither for you; You are like a melody that makes my life more harmonious. I can only say thank you in a small voice, so small that only you can understand! Happy Thanksgiving!

5. I'm very happy to spend every minute with you. I hope I can make you happy all the time. It's sweet to think of your name. I look forward to seeing you again.

6. Thank my lover for giving me many unforgettable memories, an almost perfect feeling, and an incomplete harmonious but always warm family. Let me aftertaste and relive it again and again in the years to come. I want to be happy bit by bit.

7. Thank God for letting me meet you, thank fate for letting me like you, and thank time for letting me miss you. Honey, do you know all this? Our love moves heaven and earth, and I send you Thanksgiving blessings with a pious heart!