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I miss you so much after thousands of mountains and rivers

Lovers who help each other should also express their mutual love! Here send the English version of the blessing, let our love across mountains and rivers to come to you! read and send out the English version of the blessings to your lover. Speak out to the people who love you and the people you love!

1. Even though we are apt, you are in my heart this season.’ S a tender New Year kiss from you know who.

3. I give all my love to you this new year.

4.i hope all of our new year are this bright! May all spring holidays be so bright and happy!

5.i only want you for new year! I just want you as my new year gift!

6. I want to be in your arms this new year.

7. I want you stuffed in my stocking.

8.i will be yours forever! I will be yours forever!

9.i’ M only thinking of you this new year.