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The most painful wish for Singles Day: whether you are beautiful or not, I am willing to take you aw

November 11 every year is singles day. In fact, many singles want to 'take me away because of your beauty'! But behind the helpless is' leave sadness to yourself '! These Singles Day blessings to those who are still attached to each other: whether you are beautiful or not, I am willing to take you away!

Whether you are beautiful or not, I am willing to take you away

Are you still worried about being single? Don't worry, man. It's good to be single: one person is full, the whole family is not hungry, and there are two festivals a year. No, it's your holiday again. Happy Singles Day on November 11!

It's hard to say that I'm in the northwest and southeast of her. Life is more difficult than being single. I visit my relatives once a year. When the child refused to see him at home, he called his uncle out to play. The wife complains constantly, especially when it's hard to be a bachelor. 11.11 singles day, I wish you return to your hometown as soon as possible!

When Singles Day comes, all singles are happy. Work smoothly, people are in good health, and Yuelao leads the way to help. All roads lead to Rome, and everyone becomes Ruyi Lang. I wish the dream of singles day come true and love is as sweet as honey!

I wish the married 'double sticks' happy and sweet; The 'Acacia sticks' in love are sweet in love; Single 'single sticks' will become double sticks as soon as possible; Whether single men or single women. Happy Singles Day!

No gifts on singles day this year & hellip; Accept your girlfriend when you receive gifts, girlfriend & hellip; Shelf life, quality: health, reputation: first class. I wish single friends a happy singles day and receive big gifts as soon as possible.

Singles Day is coming. May you find the girl you like and shine with your eyes. Enjoy the sweetness of love and blush. Form a happy family and get naked as soon as possible. I wish you success and happiness.

On World Youth Day, you must invite single friends to spend it together; Tomorrow's singles day, young friends should be invited to share it. Different festivals and different meanings embed colorful memories into single youth, which has a unique taste.

Singles Day is coming. Although you are still single, don't be sad. Do you think Ning caichen is miserable after Xiaoqian? They are ghosts. Is it impossible for Xingya to chase Athena? People are gods. You still have a chance. You must be 'naked' before singles day next year.