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Bachelor's Day blessing: Singles will never be depressed after watching it

Is there the least frustrating blessing for singles day? Is there any wood? There will be, because time moves forward again, our depression will gradually recede with the progress of time, and the waiting time will give us enough 'engine'! The following blessings are for those handsome men and women who will feel depressed on singles day. Come on: let's turn depression into happiness. Please don't be depressed!

No more depressed blessings after looking at the blessings of singles day

The poor should not be called the poor or the rich; A bachelor is not a bachelor, but a man to be married; An old girl is not called an old girl, but a person to be married; Pregnant women are not called pregnant women, but those waiting for delivery; A drunkard is not called a drunkard, but a wake-up person.

1.11 singles day, 1-1-1, to: if you want to be happy, please forget all your troubles, if you want to be happy, please take off quickly. If you want to take off, what are you waiting for? Go on a blind date. I wish you a double as soon as possible! Happy Singles Day!

Being single is not bad. Being single is an accident. A girl can't see the outside because she loves only one thing. It looks a little funny. In fact, it's often gray. He is decent and has not been corrupt yet. Singles Day is not bad, just because I love you too much!

Feeling on Chinese Singles Day: now girls are really strange. They like the rich second generation. They stop cooking when they have no car or room and cry to be mistresses. I am neither tall nor handsome. My feelings are kicked every time. Look back and think about when my love will come!

11.11 Singles Day: you are single, I am single, you are one, I am one; 11.11 Singles Day: will not lead the red line, will not meet the old moon; 11.11 Singles Day: hehe, there won't be many singles festivals. Singles are happy!

Single advantage: plenty of food and clothing, one person is full, and the whole family is not hungry; Self reliance, say your own words, do your own things and warm your body; Economic independence, personal freedom, not controlled by others. Singles Day is coming. I wish you a happy holiday

Cars are eager for roads, flowers are eager for rain and dew, and eunuchs are eager for androgen. The soul longs for transcendence, the soul longs for destination, and you are eager to have a daughter-in-law. Happy Singles Day!

Men and women, please pay attention. In response to the call of low-carbon economy, please actively participate in the "naked" action. Two people live in the house, two people build the quilt, two people eat the food, two people use the income, and two people spend Singles Day!