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Singles Day wishes: 4 singles day wishes to give happiness and motivation to lonely people

The countdown to singles day in 2015 is now coming. The blessings prepared for singles that can best forget the sentimental feelings of the festival are coming. The following blessings make you smile after reading them, which makes you feel that the factor of 'loneliness' in your heart decreases sharply! What kind of greeting has the ability to make the 'loneliness factor' lose? The following greetings give you happiness and motivation!

Blessings for happiness and motivation for lonely people. The moment of consulting makes the 'loneliness factor' drop sharply

I'm an innocent bachelor. Bamboo stick: I'd rather be single than bend. Noodles: I am a bachelor who is soft in water. Fried dough sticks: I'm a miserable bachelor. Route 11: I'm the most popular single. Happy Singles Day!

In fact, people are like chopsticks: when they are alone, they are only single; Two together, just a pair; If too much, it will be painful! So, no more, no less, just two! Singles Day is coming. I wish chopsticks will always be in pairs!

Singles Day is coming. You can throw away your troubles, polish your worries, throw away your failures, throw away your unhappiness, throw away your helplessness, drive away your loneliness and spend all your money, but don't go away. Happy Singles Day!

You are happy. You are the head of the family and the pillar of the family. No matter whether you can support it or not, no one complains and no one says No. This is the happiness of being single when one is full and the whole family is not hungry. Happy singles day, too.