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What kind of blessing makes love permanent

Which ancient poems reflect the theme of love? reads ancient poems about love for you! Let's enjoy:

Ancient poems about love

If there is love, the horizon is close

If you are ruthless, you will be far away

The place of sincerity, the place of deep feeling

The sky cannot be blocked, and the earth cannot be separated

Your ambition is in Gaogang, and my mind is long

Look forward to a long gathering day and see the end of the world hand in hand

Spring mountain smoke to close, the sky is light, the stars are sparse and small

The face of the waning moon is bright. Don't cry at dawn

There are many words, but the feeling is not over. Looking back, I still say:

Remember the green skirt, pity the grass everywhere

Xiaoxuan window, dressing up, speechless, only a thousand lines of tears

The crowd looked for her thousands of times. Suddenly looking back, the man was in the dim light. Blessing SMS

Wish to be a winged bird in the sky and a LIANLI branch on the earth

Holding hands and looking at each other with tears, he was speechless and choked.

Just wish your heart is like mine, and you will live up to your lovesickness.

A review of your love made my tears grow.

This time I leave you, is the wind, is the rain, is the night; You smiled, I waved my hand, and a lonely road spread to both ends.

People who truly loved once are far more likely to love again.

If you have a beauty, you will never forget it. If you don't see it for a day, you will think like crazy.

One is a fairy flower in langyuan, and the other is flawless. If there is no strange fate, I will meet him again in this life; If there is a strange fate, how can you end up with empty words?

We have experienced too many joys and sorrows in our previous lives,

In this life, we cherish this beautiful spring.

------Life and death, day and night, wind and rain!

Bone longitudinal Acacia when broken, Zen heart is difficult to pay sword and Xiao.

It's better to break Qi's wings with ten thousand deaths than to split into two clouds.

When the feeling is deep, the feeling becomes thin. This feeling can be remembered!

Last night stars last night wind

West of the painting building, east of Guitang

The body has no colorful Phoenix wings

The heart has a little connection

Acacia night plum blossom hair, suddenly to the window, doubt is you.

What day do you know when you are missing each other? At this time, the night is embarrassed.

Aloes intermittent, jade furnace cold, with my feelings like water.

The cold cicadas are sad. It's late for the Changting, and the shower stops at the beginning. All door accounts drink nothing

Xu, nostalgia, Lan Zhou urged. Holding hands and looking at each other with tears, there was no language

pharynx Read to thousands of miles of smoke, the evening mist is heavy and the sky is wide.

Sentimental since ancient times, hurt parting, more worthy of the cold autumn festival! Tonight wine

Where are you awake? Willow bank, Xiaofeng and Wanyue. This past year should be a good time

Good scenery is in vain. Even if there are thousands of customs, with whom

Red beans grow in southern China

How many branches do you have in spring

May you gather more

This is the most Acacia

If the sky is sentimental, the sky is also old, if the moon has no hatred, the moon is long and round

Acacia is without words, don't spend tears on flowers.

If you don't know what it means to lead a cow, you must invite the weaver girl to make the golden shuttle. Every year I beg for human ingenuity, but there are many human ingenuity.

But I will open my eyes all night and repay my life for not frowning.

He was born not to be infatuated with love, and there was no love in the world.

Death and life agree with each other and talk with Zicheng. hold your hand and grow old together with you.