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What are the best wishes for April Fool's Day 2016 that people can forward? These April Fool's Day b

What are the best wishes for April Fool's Day 2016 that people can forward? These April Fool's Day blessings in 2016 are destined to be forwarded to you

1. When the horse and pig meet the tiger, they turn around and run. The pig runs slowly. The horse cries, 'stupid pig! How can you run fast with your mobile phone in your hand! Throw it!

2. If you receive this message to prove that your mobile phone is infected with virus, please take out your mobile phone card immediately and brush it with gasoline.

3. Brain teaser: a pig was killed by a car when crossing the road. Why? I tell you, pigs don't make sharp turns.

4. The horse has four legs. The sea is full of water. The fool who looks at the mobile phone grins!

5. I can't help loving you. I'm crazy for you. I can't sleep all night. You always make me move. Just want to say to you, I love you - football

6. Because you have used SMS for many times, the SMS center has decided to reward you with a free SMS. Have you seen it? Are you satisfied?

7. The May Day holiday is coming. For the sake of the city's appearance, please stay at home during the holiday and don't go out again to scare others.

8. The head is big and the neck is thick. The more it looks, the more it looks like a pig. What about you, the one who is reading the text message.

9. Look at the pig opposite, look at it, look at it! Don't daze at your cell phone!

10. Although our place is small, it doesn't mean lack. Look at the weather forecast; Today, the fog in the urban area turns from light cloud to cloudy, light rain to moderate rain, heavy rain to rainstorm, thunder, rain grab clothes!

11. Time is minute by minute and day by day. If you can repeat 2 and 5 17 times in ten seconds at 8 o'clock every morning, you won't catch a cold(

12. It's raining again. Why are you hiding in the house? Want to be happy [HJ * 5 / 8]? As long as you shake your head hard for ten minutes, you will know the meaning of happiness. be careful! Don't stop!